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John McCain's Acceptance Speech



"I've never seen balloon like this!" Yup - that's about all there was to the RNC - quite the substance-less week in St. Paul.

Well, then there was McCain's speech - the only one that mentioned anything resembling policy. (no, I don't think merely saying you're gonna shake things up counts). Then Jon Stewart n ailed it with the comparisons to W. So, did Rove write both of those addresses?

If they elect this twat again I do not think I will be returning to the states. Oh wait, is it a different person then we have had running our country the last 7 1/2 years. He says all that with a straight face, amazing.

i liked mccains speech it was actually a good speech ( sure his delivery was horrible), but it was the only speech that was not snarky and attacking the "evil" of liberals (and people not like them). I mainly worry that the old somewhat good mccain has sold his sole to be president to the "agents of intolerance". I also really am not sure he has the temperment to be president and well he is old and what do we know about palin, it has been a few weeks but all we know are the silly scandals, not a thing on her policy positions on anything.

You know, I was actually having a shade of remorse over having slammed Andrea Mitchell so badly last month. But after seeing that balloon scene, I don't regret it a bit. Thanks Norm!


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