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He's Back

Biden attacks McCains economic policies.
Biden: Ex-reformer McCain now a Rove disciple



The ol' maverick McCain was broke by a cowpoke by the name o' Turdblossom.

And you'll see why say that John McCain is just four more years of George Bush. And I'm not looking for an applause line. This is deadly earnest.

Yes, Biden is on fire and it's about time, damn it.

John McCain and his rich wife just don't get it.

This is certainly an example of Biden at his most eloquent and effective. He's approaching McCain in a way that Obama couldn't--as a friend and longtime colleague.

"Show me what your budget is and I'll tell you what you value."


"Show me what your budget is and I'll tell you what you value."

The Democrats should latch onto that line of common wisdom, and use it to bash away at this notion that the Republican Party is on their side!

Biden is going to eat Palin's lunch in the debate. Not that conservatives give a shit about stuff like that, not when they have Rush to tell them what to think. The difference in the candidates is that Biden and Obama are intelligent and can think on their feet. Palin and McCain have been handled half to death and when they hit a difficult patch they simply revert to Tourette Syndrome-like verbal ticks. Note Palin's constant referral to Israel's security during the Gibson interview. If that doesn't work she can always invoke the memory of 9/11 or something Jesus purportedly said. George Saunders has a great parody of this in The New Yorker (I know, I know. Stupid elitist magazine).

I'm not so sure Obama is quick on his feet. Intelligent yes. Also very well prepared himself. I think he is at his strongest when giving speeches and not so much in debates or under pressure. Maybe thats just me...

On another note. Glad to see Biden is alive.

I think you might be right. Obama tends to be slower responding at direct questions. However, this is due to a good reason.

Obama takes the time to evaluate the question, think of a response, and think of how best to phrase the response to make his point. In the end he ends up delivering a well thought out point.

McCain on the other hand has a handful of stump speeches. any question phrased at him and he will turn to those and say the same thing every time. McCain answers from his gut, just like Bush. No thought involved.

Yes Obama thinks about his answers. That isn't always a good thing. Take their debate to religious communities. "What will you do about evil?". Obama gives a long technical answer that will play well with a lot of people who are already voting for him. McCain on the other hand basically says DEFEAT IT! Which is a stupid response, but plays well to the crowd. You need to be able to throw in a simple answer or at least summaries a complex policy in a digestible way. That is unfortunate, but if you only have 2 minutes to respond that is the way it has to be.

I may be wrong about this, but hasn't Obama's poll numbers gone down after most debates? If I was his campaign manager I would be training him from now until the final debate.

There have been no formal debates. I haven't seen anything analyzing poll numbers after any form of "debate".

Polls the week after the church forum showed very little change for Obama (slight increase) but did give McCain a bump.

I was curious about the debates in the primaries as well.

Odd that he goes all the way to McCain to rant about the economy, when he has a pretty bad offender standing right next to him.

Barack Obama #2 on list of Fannie Mae lobbyist money recipients (Democrats received 57 percent of the total):

Jim Johnson, whom Barack Obama asked to "lead the process" for selecting Obama's running mate, and who was one of the potential candidates, was a "Friend of Angelo" - Fannie Mae CEO Angelo Mozilo - and received sweetheart loans from the company:

As long as you're cherry-picking, try not to choke on this, Fancy Writing Boy.


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