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Couric Palin Interview pt. 4

(tip to Joe)



Most of this isn't even parody, since in some passages Tina Fey is virtually quoting Palin - let the writers go back on strike, Palin will write the material for you.

Funny, but perhaps dangerously so: After laughing really hard at this, I was gripped by the fear that Tina Fey fans might start supporting the McCain/Palin ticket just so Fey can continue to provide them a healthy belly laugh every Saturday night. (PLEASE don't do that!)

Maybe someone should suggest to the next debate moderators that they ask what boneheaded things the Obama/Biden administration plans to do to assure comedians' job security.

Amy Poehler's rendition stinks. The voice, her looks, her "acting"--it's nothing like the annoying ex-cheerleader Couric. At least when Chevy Chase did Gerald Ford, he tripped over stuff to imitate the clumsy ex-jock.

Tina Fey herself said she doesn't want to continue playing Palin:

How often can this woman make me laugh/cry?

Palin told him that "dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time," Munger said. When he asked her about prehistoric fossils and tracks dating back millions of years, Palin said "she had seen pictures of human footprints inside the tracks,",0,3643718.story?track=rss

They forgot to put subtitles for Palin, since she watches with the sound off.

SNL doesn't deserve Palin--they have comedy gold on their hands and their only ideas for skits are to cut and paste from her interviews? I'm no comedy writer, but I am a fan of comedy and I'd be much happier to see stuff like:

---McCain and Palin on an airplane wolf hunt. McCain is flying the plane, so naturally it crashes (sorry Chris!). So McCain gets lost on the tundra and almost freezes to death. Then Teddy Roosevelt's ghost appears to him like Obi-Wan Kenobi. McCain is captured by a Yeti, then saves himself by using some POW skills. All this is hilarious because McCain is 72 years old.

---Palin and Obama in a black church. Throw in Obama's white relatives and Palin's pregnant teen.

---Palin and Bush working out the economic bailout. They hope it turns out like the folksy budget scene in the movie Dave, but it actually results in Alaska getting even more pork projects and air craft carriers running out of gas.

---Palin and anyone else doing some typical Alaskan activity, like binge drinking or doing meth, crab fishing, snowmobiling, or spooning with huskies.

Agreed. I don't think SNL has writers anymore. They just say "can't we just use her answer? This is funny stuff?" In a review of those Epic Movie/Date Movie/Meet the Spartans vein of movies i saw a review that said "just pointing to real events or people is not a joke". Apparently, SNL thinks a slight exaggeration of palins answers was funny enough. So many different potentials for comedy with this interview (subtitles for Palin, etc) and they didn't capitalize on them.

Same thing with the Debate Sketch that followed: it took the most generalized/ignorant portrayals of both candidates and called it comedy. No insight to John McCain's angry looking down and silly sneer.

Don't get me started on Fred armiston's Barack Obama either, it's bad.

Every other skit suuuuuked.

Comedy hits people differently but I thought there was a little social commentary going on since they didn't change what she said. I thought that was a statement, in fact, and brought us all in on the joke except Ms. Palin who watches without the sound. And the call for the lifeline was perfect. I also like Kirsten Wiig but this wasn't a very good show from what I saw (excerpts only.) I hope Tina keeps up doing Palin makes the whole farce bearable for me.

I had the same reaction, actually. The fact that some of the biggest laughs were coming from the direct quotes was so, uh, scary? Funny? I dunno.

---McCain Drops Palin off with Dick Cheney for baby sitting. He puts her in a room with W where they discuss presidenting while playing with dolls and a ball of yarn.

Sure, it might be easy parody, but I still thought Palin/Fey's answer to the economic crisis/bailout question was a brilliant piece of writing, with an amazing delivery. As angular and crazy as a Monk piano solo...

When Putin rears his head up Freddie's Fannie and we spread democracy to those who want it we'll have more jobs and health care for all who are victims of terror loving terrorists!

Who wants to be a Running Mate?

I just hope McCain can keep a straight face in the debate.

Blink vs. Blank

Liquid assets? Liquid courage...

"When Put in rears his head up Freddie's Fannie and we spread democruptcy to those who ass kcfor it... we'll have more jobs and health terror ....! Whoa! ....pants to be a Running Mate?"

LOL OLO LOL OLO OILY WINK, OINK, nudge, fudge, .... OINKY DOINK,....weellll,

"As angular and crazy as a [drunk] Monk piano solo..."

An verry analogous analogy, accept for the fact that John Monk-Cain and I would have conferred with "P.D.Q. Monk", as a misnomer, a malware-prop, ya know, being as weir'd soo post


modern an' ya all.

Totally not, NOT, like, like, the Paris, Hilton, the Liberty Bail, fer sure, I'll gotchya with ya, fer sure, can't blink.... ya don't blink... never bl.....ank? ...oink?


Make (it) up mirror ...

I smell alcohol on some one's breath...

Not fey, I mean the Ur-palin-drone, Ur-palin-drunk?


I just hope McCain can keep a straight face in the debate.

McCain was so unable to keep a straight face that he couldn't even look at his opponent.

Sarah Palin was so damned silly, and ridiculous that the comedians didn't have much work to do..

McCain was so unable to keep a straight face that he couldn't even look at his opponent.

I meant Biden


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