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Chris Rock / Dave Letterman

Have you ever been to Alaska? It's like the The Road Warrior with snow.

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Late Show w/David Letterman



I'm sure someone has pointed this out before, but it just dawned on me that Chris Rock looks more like a ventriloquist's dummy than anyone I've ever seen. The weird hand movements and that thin goatee--it's almost like he's going for that look.


Yes, he does look like a ventriloquist dummy. He has huge eyes and jerky body movements that make him look like he is falling side-to-side. He has a funny walk too. Like all the great comics he has qualities that make him inherently funny.

yeah dende, don't you remember little penny?

This clip was hillarious, i was thinking the same thing threw out this whole interview.

Please post the second part of the interview! he is great!!

Rock's comments on Clinton were right on, though. He's so much better unscripted.

"yeah dende, don't you remember little penny?"

Yeah, I do. Is there some Chris Rock connection there, or just a resemblance? What Rock the voice of little penny?

"What Rock the voice of little penny?"

Yes he was.

The comments about Vick are pretty stinging. I don't like dog fighting--it is cruel and it also endangers people. But this guy is spending a considerable amount of time in jail while Sarah Palin is shooting wolves from planes. And putting out a bounty for people who bring in their severed legs. Why? To artificially boost the numbers of caribou so that it's easier for tourist hunters to tip one over.

As a pit bull owner, I had a really hard time stomaching the quick line dismissal of what Vick did as a black man killing his dog but whatever it takes for people to look at Sarah Palin closer....

I loved what he said about Clinton - I hope Clinton was still around to hear it...I guess they're somewhat friends...

I got to see Rock in Denver this year. My god, is he funny. His first line: "George Bush has fucked up so bad, he's made it hard for a white man to run for president." Probably the funniest night I've ever spent, and that includes my first date.

Chris Rock is funny but he like so many other black comics get too much mileage from reinforcing the victim role. There is no injustice in Vick serving jail time. Vick didn't just kill a dog; he cruelly fought these dogs, making them slowly tear each other apart for money that he didn't even need in the first place. Those dogs that didn't perform were executed in the most horrible ways imaginable. Comparing this to hunting, where the animal is killed quickly, was just a cheap, if you will pardon the pun, cheap shot.

I agree on the dog fighting and thank you for that.

As far as Palin - I know he referenced the moose but what I thought about is the aerial wolf hunting. I'm not against hunting, I know some responsible hunters in Oregon and I get the circle of life stuff. Personally, the last thing I think about when I see an animal is killing it but that's me. But, I don't know one hunter that doesn't despise aerial wolf hunting. I understand that Frank Luntz or some other political wordsmith is going to change her language - I think hunting is becoming herd control or something - but it doesn't change the action.

I do understand that's not what you were referencing but that is what I think needs to be looked at.


I think if Chris Rock wanted to make that point he could have done so without invoking Michael Vick being in jail because he is a black man. He's not in jail because he's black. He's in jail for what he did and the way he did it.

I agree with you about so called, aerial hunting, and feel it just slaughter carried out by people who like to kill things. It's kind of like fishing by throwing a stick of dynamite into the pond. Why do hunters call what they do a sport? To qualify as a sport, the other side should at least have a chance of winning. Sneaking up on an animal and blowing it way hardly qualifies as a sport.


i almost agree with you. If Michael Vick was a white NFL candidate or, god forbid, a white woman - he/should would not have gone to jail. they might've gotten community service but most like psych eval.

but the point about convoluting the issue with race is valid.

Guys, lighten up. He wasn't defending Mick Vick. He used Vick as a punchline to point out Palin's sadistic fetish for animal killing.

The follow up on the daily show was pretty good although Jon always gives guest softballs.

ANYBODY know what song the band was playing when Chris Rock entered????

It's a rap song from the 80's... I can't remember... UTFO? Mellie Mell? Whodini?

It's driving me crazy!!!!!



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