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Bill Maher - New Rules

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Real Time w/Bill Maher
More Bill Maher video here



OK, that was the best Maher I have seen in a long time. The best.


Is it just me, or is Giuliani the love child of Paulson and Klemperer/Klink?

hmmm....I'm getting an error message...

me too!...

My messages usually don't get posted. Not sure why. Anyway...

Jill, I got an error message too, but it works if you save the file.

Nader was a guest for this show. The world needs more Naders.

I fixed it.

The last bit was one of the best pieces of political and social satire I've seen this election season.

great show this week.

Balls-on. I wish had something insightful to add. I just wish I could force all my "don't trust dem darkies" neighbors to watch (and get) it.

Balls-on. I wish had something insightful to add. I just wish I could force all my "don't trust dem darkies" neighbors to watch (and get) it.

Oh that's simple. Cut a bunch of DVDs with this on it, and drop it at everyone's door.

I had to watch the whole show. Nader did rather badly, I think.

On Obama's eagerness to go to war in Pakistan, Maher was spot in his analysis. Obama can't be seen to be against all wars. He has to be for some war, or else he's a pussy. So he picks the most popular and least obviously imperialist war, Afghanistan, and expands on that. And even though it's going to be a disaster, the public buys it since they see the Afghanistan war as legitimate and want to catch bin Laden even if it sets off a civil war in Pakistan.

...I meant to say: "Maher was spot on in his analysis." Any chance of adding an "edit comment" feature for logged in users?

I agree with the majority of Bill's comments. The only time I cringe is when he discusses and dismisses the segment of the population in this country that supports someone like Sarah Palen. Historically republicans vote, democrats do not. It is, in my opinion, the primary reason that we are sitting in this current dismal position and the one thing that comments like "She's a Bimbo" will do is ensure that the republican base gets out and votes and all they need is one key issue, religion, guns, abortion, war OR picking on one of their own. (Ms. Palen)to fire up their base and make them all show up to vote.


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