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Bill Maher - New Rules

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New Rule: The Maher Paradox

The worse things look politically, the funnier Maher's show becomes.

Yes, funny. But the panel portion of the show was brutal. This is going to be an ugly couple of months.

Ha, ha, indeed. Small towns=meth factories? New rules=old prejudice? And was the frozen candy bar thing even a joke? Good ol' Bill Maher, back in the saddle just in time to make no difference at all. Nothing new about that, though.

Bill just doesn't get it: this election ain't about change, it's about reform. Reform is change that will happen someday, but not right now. After all, the Reformed Church left JC on his cross and the Old Man still upstairs, dealing out guilt and death. That's the change we need: no effort and less thought.

Small towns=meth factories?

No. Do you suffer from reading comprehension? Wasilla, Alaska has a meth problem.

That would be listening incomprehension. :) He has a personality problem. I wonder how this asshole decides when to be calligraph and when to be madfarmer?

Many towns in rural America have had a meth problem for quite some time.

Ah, yes Tim, reading incomprehension.

Calligraph/MadFarmer must get a certain perverse satisfaction out of pushing people's buttons. No real intellectual honesty here... just perverse pleasure.

And in fact the only "peace candidate" is Ron Paul, but voting for Ron Paul or Bob Barr or Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney is akin to throwing one's vote into the trash. And until the rules and regulations of the U.S. change in such a manner that third parties have some power, that is until such time that we as Americans adopt the parliamentary system or adopt the manner in which the French select their president (it's tiered), then until such time a third-party candidate is nothing more than tossing one's vote in the toilet. Until such time that we vote to change the rules of the game, pretending otherwise is delusional.

The French system is certainly much better than the naïve system used in the U.S. elections. But even better would be what is called instant-runoff voting. Look it up on Wikipedia and spread the word. It's the solution to the two-party gridlock.

In any case, I don't think voting for a third candidate is "throwing your vote in the trash" any more than voting for anyone is. A vote for, say, Nader is certainly very unlikely to matter. But so is a vote for Obama. How likely is it for the election to be decided by one vote in the end? Extremely low. Your vote has near-zero significance, and for all practical purposes your one vote counts for exactly nothing. What should matter to you and everyone else, is your own conscience. Knowing that you voted for the wisest, most honest and well-intended candidate feels so much better than knowing that you sold out your vote to the lesser evil even when that sell-out is extremely unlikely to matter one bit.

She has a big braicase, mongoloidian trait.

you know, some of maher's best lines are astoundingly cruel. and i don't object in principle to this, especially when the targets are politicians, who essentially run themselves up the flagpole to be saluted/shot at. and especially, of course, republican politicians who claim to be about "family values" and such. but i thought that "doomed loveless marriage" comment about palins daughter and her boyfriend crossed the line. i'm feeling like a useless old fart already, so don't be mean to me.

instant-runoff voting?

Norm recommends approval voting. Look it up on Wikipedia....

Chemically Ali:

Wrong reply niche, mi dispiace.

New rules rules!

"about palins daughter and her boyfriend crossed the line."

The line has evaporated, the lying continues apace.

[McCain] "must also a certain perverse satisfaction out of pushing people's buttons." The choice of Paleo-one, is one giant button-push.

Sorry to dog you, dog, Mr. Becker, yes, sometimes the "best lines are astoundingly cruel",..

About McCain, pinhead McMicroceph as he is, relative to the Pale Paleo-One: she has a big braicase, as mongoloidian a trait as shovelled incisors, etc., his cranium contrastingly looks relatively inadequate. Do the Meth, Math, whatever, the best minds/brains are able rationalize the worst ideas, sometimes, garbage in, compost out, or not, depends on if it is or isn't biodegradeable. Republican ideas are synthesized out of some element with a half-life of near Eternity.

Bill M.'s a sonic boomer, Mr. Maher's a Macher who makes Mach 7 on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, or down Sunset, or is it Wilshire?, boulevard, past the La Brea Tar pits, on his way to his gig, past where Palino-, Paleo- rather, Pleistocene,... "critters' (i.e., evolvures) lie stuck in the O Henry of Reaganist ideas, long eons discredited. A.i.g., a.i.g., sat on the wall street, egg, egg, had a good autumn, before he hit bottom,

instant-runoff voting?

Norm recommends approval voting. Look it up on Wikipedia....

Indeed I do favor Approval Voting though instant-runoff would be far better than the current system. In fact almost any system would be better than what we have now.


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