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Bill Maher - Maddow Show



I gotta admit, I'm still waiting for Maddow to find her stride on her TV show. I never listened to her on Air America, but I was always impressed with her quick wit & insight when she was brought in as a commentator in TV panel discussions. I'm not sure she's going to turn out to be as good when she's the one asking the questions.

It's going to take a while before they ditch the shitty set and she gets comfortable with a format.

Also, seemed like bill took some downers before this interview.

Biden doesn't need to ask Palin tough questions or soft pedal to her, just give her the same debate he'd give anyone else. Anything LESS would be sexist, because it would be acting as if she couldn't handle it.

I wonder if we just pretended Palin didn't exist if that would be the ticket?

On another note, Maher's right - the GOP is full of good soldiers. Party unity is not an issue, although it does warm my heart to hear about Republicans who will be voting straight ticket Democrat as their protest this year. Hell, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Leach are backing Obama, so there's a little bit of hope. Granted, these guys are retired and have no reelection worries.


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