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Barack Obama on Letterman

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Late Show w/David Letterman



OMGOMGOMG!!! Osam... sorry, Obama wants to put lipstick on pigs! Call PETA!!!

Thanks for the link, Magnolia EC--that was brilliant. I've never seen that guy's show, but he's certainly very good here.

It's Craig Ferguson (sp?) on his Late Late show. I've probably only seen his show 10-15 times. He's not funny all the time, but he definately gives me more gut laughs than any other talk show host. I really enjoy his openness and randomness. I swear 80% of the time he has no script, which is excellent at. His scripted bits always fall into the "Carson Daily" sort of funny, from what i've seen, but it's moments like this that I've always admired him.

Actually, Craig Ferguson never goes by scripts, cue cards, or a teleprompter. It's all in his head. They did a short biography on him on CBS Sunday Morning once.

On youtube he has some of the best monologues of a talk show host of our time. But of course he was picked by the best of all time, David Letterman, so it's expected that he's above the rest.

I'm glad to see he surpassed Conan in ratings a while back, he's a great host.

Truly a great watch.

Great stuff - there's even an addendum to your addendum.

Bookmarked and ready for sending in late October.

"If I had been talking about Palin, she would have been the lipstick."

That is the line!!!!

"If I had been talking about Palin, she would have been the lipstick."

wait, does that mean hes calling mccain the pig?

ha ha. Didja watch the next 5 min? There's yer answer.

wait, does that mean hes calling mccain the pig?

Possibly, or republican policies. They are equal at this point.

We are - as a country - experiencing weird weird blends between news and entertainment. When I can get more on Obama's campaign on Letterman than I get on evening news, that's ass-backwards. However, Dave, thank you for this. Maybe some of those folks who are - amazingly - still on the fence will get pulled over to BHO from this interview.

I agree gypsy,

it seems i have to read 6 different publications to get a good rounded news.

Our media needs to get out of edutainment/infotainment and get into real news.

If a nitwit like Sarah Palin has “energized” your party, you have to really wonder.

I really hate how we have to keep saying what a great job Giuliani after 9/11. What exactly did he do? He seems to get a lot of credit just for not running around screaming like a she-male. Even I can pull that off once in a while.

As far as Obama, it would be great to have a real adult in the White House again (I still miss Clinton). He also has a great jump shot.


did the band really go into "papa was a rolling stone" after the second segment? that's some cold sh*t.


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