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Why Batman Sucks



This is blasphemy!

Whoa. The Morgan Freeman comment is a little unnerving considering his recent car accident has him in "critical condition." There's no way they would have know this when the video was made, but dang... it just seems... uncomfortable.

None of that was funny.

Who are these people?

Is the idea that they're taking the piss out of stereo-typical VH1 specials where they get unknown/unfunny comedians to comment on bands or celebrities?

If not, this is a shambles and I'm quite surprised it's on your site, Sir!

Wow. Way to minimize a storyline that raises a lot of difficult ethical issues and, instead of engaging with any of them, minimizing them and opting to turn everything into entertainment, pure and simple. Yes, our VJ's are UltraCool.

Next week on Weekly Evil: Why Hamlet is a Danish Weenie.

Lame, unfunny F-list "comedians" trying to crap on something because it's popular.

Text book definition of Haters.

Morgan Freeman reportedly in "serious" condition, and in good spirits.

I am Batman.

These people are stupid.

The Morgan freeman joke is horrible considering he was in a serious car wreck today.

The morgan freeman joke was just bad timing. This was posted on CC's website 7/30. Freemans accident happened Sunday. It seems like terrible, tasteless humor, but trust me, they had no idea it was coming.

I think it would be difficult to find a bigger group of dipshits than those dorks. I bet all of them together can't do 10 push-ups.

That supposed to shock me? Or any other nerd?

First of all, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog already delivered the quintessential dump on nerds (like me). Look it up on youtube.

And second: Batman, and Star Wars, and Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings, and Hell Boy, and Indy, and Hulk, and Superman, and Ironman all suck, and then some. But I LOVE them.

Take that, you lame, sad, popular psychological bores. What are you looking? The umpteenth rerun of Friends?

Why so serious?


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