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What's wrong with you, America? How can a country so full of wonderful and kind people, so filled with optimism and opportunities, so graced with open-hearted folks of every possible shade of skin colors, end up with a putrified vomit of a media, with the decomposing carcasses of Rush Limbaughs puking out their poisons on your airwaves every night and day for millions of bucks, and with McCain, a dishonorable, confused and dangerously incompetent cretin? America, you may not believe this, but most of the world still loves you, But it's getting HARD, it's getting fucking hard.

Should be a much more powerful issue. Since seniors are a major part of McCains base. The Obama camp should play this up in places like Florida, were the old guy is running strong.

Social security IS a disgrace. John McCain is almost as bad as that institution.

the republicans suck when it comes to social security. but on the other hand they don't want to put hundreds of thousands of people into concentration camps because they belong to the wrong ethnic group. like fdr did. sorry but some people don't deserve to be worshipped as heroes.

[social security] "is a compact between generations..."

What a powerful phrase. It certainly got my attention.

My inner boy scout, the guy who helps my two elderly neighbors with their groceries and lawns every week, totally agrees. Without medicare/medicaid, my own mother will have no health benefits at all- and quite bluntly, I couldn't foot that bill myself even if I wanted too.

On the other hand, this "compact" works both ways. Take for example the drug war, the space program, science & technology and general R & D. In my opinion, it is the "old farts" who are fighting these measures each step of the way. They refuse to be rational about drugs and drug use. They refuse to consider new health technologies (such as stem cells), hell, many of them still debate evolution as a whole. They fear most technology, and believe science to be "liberal brainwashing".

This is all a gross generalization of course, but my point is this- I am willing to make a compromise.

You can take a third of my income. Go ahead- you deserve it. And, in exchange, here are the new rules:

After a long day of work, I'm going to smoke a joint. And then, I'm going to log on to the web, and read all about the latest & greatest discoveries coming out of the fully-funded research labs in every university in America. I'm going to have enough confidence in the future that I'm willing to have my own kids, and when I do, I'm going to hold them on my shoulders and watch as men and women leave our world to go and explore mars. My son and/or daughter will live on the cusp of the future, forever excited about what tomorrow may bring.

And how are we going to fund this, AND fund the boomer's retirement? We are going to slash the hell out of the military. We have 40,000 nukes, people. There is no army on Earth foolish enough to attack, and no reason (or ability) for us to "police the world"- especially while already holding more prisoners per capita than China.

So what dy'a say, seniors?

Deal, or no deal?

Fine. Then enjoy your fucking cat food.

Zaphod, thanks for making me laugh so hard. Your last line was a scream!

finally a good ad, a really good ad.

After a long day of work, I'm going to smoke a joint. And then, I'm going to log on to the web,

ah ha! That explains quite a bit! (jk, I too got a good laugh out of your comment).


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