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Ron Suskind

Ron Suskind talks about the forged letter that clears the Bush administration of using false pretenses for going to war



Edwards is not a candidate for office. I try not to post on politicians private affairs unless I think it makes them unqualified for office or to highlight their hypocrisy.

And not a single comment on OGM either... IS everyone just numb to this sort of shit now?

IS everyone just numb to this sort of shit now?

Well, we're all attempting to be as hip as the French are. Fucking around on your wife/husband/partner is of no importance, dontcha know?. If you're hip and cool, fucking around and cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is of no importance. Wait, it's of no importance until such time that your partner/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend finds out that you were fucking around. No need to just speak the truth and be straight forward. No need for that.

And please understand. Here in the U.S.A., if you fuck around, that would be bad or not depending upon which political party that you belong to, or depending upon which candidate/person that you support.

Now, if this person just happens to be your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, well, then, that's a different story... ahem...

And not a single comment on OGM either... IS everyone just numb to this sort of shit now?

This was discussed in a string last week. This confirmed my worst fears of Edwards. That said, I think the media is now beating it to death for no good reason.

Edwards can sleep with whomever he wants while doing all the Charity work that he will no doubt be doing.

Why are all the comments on here about edwards? I think cmmm was referring to Suskind's accusations about the CIA manufacturing false documents under the direction of the white house.

Why aren't more people mad about proof that the white house lied about the war, intentionally, and that Mercenary:Soldier ratio is Iraq is 1:1.

I feel like a few people are standing on the bow of a sinking ship, waving these flags, and everyone else is gleefully shooting the ship with cannonballs or loading the cannons or making the cannons.


I thought so too. I just assumed that Bush out rage is now so passé, judging from the deafening silence that followed my earlier comment on this topic:

Why have you taken impeachment off the table as an option for President George W. Bush? Nancy Shipes WOODSTOWN, N.J.
I took it off the table a long time ago. You can't talk about impeachment unless you have the facts, and you can't have the facts unless you have cooperation from the Administration. Nancy Pelosi

I guess we know one person who won't be reading Suskind's book, eh? Unbelievable answer by Pelosi. The Nixon administration was fully cooperative, wasn't it? Radovan Karadzic and Slobodan Milosevic just couldn't wait to cooperate, right?

Your president is a criminal? Get over it!

Bush is the worst president in American history. Bush facilitated the 9/11 attacks. Subsequently, Bush lied to Congress and the American people relative to the reasons for invading Iraq. Bush purposefully misled Congress and the American people. Then, Bush murdered more than 4,000 United States service members. And Bush wounded more than 30,000 United States service members. In torturing prisoners of war, Bush patently violated the Geneva Convention. Bush unlawfully wiretapped United States citizens. In using “signing statements” to challenge hundreds of laws passed by Congress, Bush violated the Constitution. Bush has ignored global warming. Bush is guilty of criminal negligence relative to the response to Hurricane Katrina. Bush disobeys our democratic values and Constitution. Bush is a disgrace to the United States.

Furthermore, Ron Suskind has revealed that Bush directed the forgery of a letter connecting Iraq to the 9/11 attacks. Bush is beyond help.

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996 Messiah College, Grantham, PA


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