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Quantum Mechanics

Science Saturday: Problems in Quantum Mechanics Defining Quantum Mechanics (16:13) Why the Schrodinger equation seems crazy… (08:43) …and a few possible ways to make it seem sane (09:29) Sean on the many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (04:00) David attacks the many-worlds interpretation (17:22) Quantum Mechanics and free will (07:29)



Maybe I've read or heard too much of this stuff, but I thought David Albert's arguments concerning lucky amoebas and being the million-all-spin-up guy to lack any compelling force. Being the one guy who pulls the big jackpot on a slot machine is just as surprising even if I know that I am one of ten billion people who pulled that same slot machine lever and that sooner or later somebody was bound to strike it rich ... and this probabilistic argument went on almost interminably.

"ten billion people" rather times ?

That's the point, I think. If I'm an adherent of the many worlds viewpoint, I'll view the "other branches" of coin flipping or spin-measuring experiments wherein my replicas all got more probable kinds of outcomes as if other people obtained those outcomes when I decide how likely my getting all heads or all spin-up was. The fact that "I" ("my" replica) got all heads or all spins-up is just as surprising in the many worlds interpretation.


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