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Michelle Obama's Speech

I can't imagine her giving a better speech. It seemed to me to be pitch perfect.



To me, she seems less than comfortable spouting mindless platitudes and giving shout outs to dead family members in heaven. Frankly though, I'm happy that she is -- whatever effect speeches like this have in convincing "value voters" that a candidate is like them, I think they are just embarrassing for our country.

i have watched a bit of the convention, wow is it boring,and annoying. if they say Barack Obama one more time i may blow up, but yes she gave a great speech, amazingly good if you think about it, she is not the politician.

I was cruising around the net for a live blog and i found the discussion on the confluence site...... it was kind of horrible, lots of nasty comments about Michelle from supposed feminists, attacking her speech, clothes etc.

Anyway, are all conventions like this, one biginfomercial???? In Canada they actually decide stuff at their conventions, like the candidates.

i also liked the Jimmy Carter in New Orleans piece, that was good and should be a commercial for the party.

Finally Jackson Jr gave one of the few inspiring speeches of the night, all that hanging around preachers really makes for speechifying abilities.

yep. great speech, utterly spot on.

Excellent speech.

Now, is it me or has Obama not been his usual 'excellent, relaxed, conversational' self lately? I've watched him for years and now he just acts... tired?

Yeah, I know, long road it's been, but it just seems like he is someone else?

The debate at the church was was a bad idea, imho, but he looked tired there as well?

Am I crazy? Anyone else seen this?

really, a great speech.

i've been accused here before of being too pc, and this is a great oppurtunity to put that idea to bed:

omg, she is so HOT! it's unbelievable. she makes kuciniche's old lady look frumpy. when i combine this fact with that 3 pointer her husband sunk in iraq, i can't wait to see them in the white house.


btw, ya think the hair is a deliberate jackie o reference? yeah! bring on the chemically enhanced black kennedys!

OK, I'm all for Obama (I really am), but after having watched this speech it struck me how it must sound to someone who hasn't drunk the koolaid.

"...and Barack stood up that day, and he..."

" see, Barack doesn't care where you're from, or what your background is..."

Combined with the evangelical tone of voice it's almost as if she's taking about Jesus, or some cult leader.

Jonathan - I think you're right - not PC. Not about the hot --- I thought she looked great, too --- The "chemically enhanced black Kennedys" seemed weird....I'm not even sure what that means...

k -

Anyway, are all conventions like this, one biginfomercial????

I agree. I think there was a time when they did decide the candidate there (someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure) but now it seems to be like a big company "pump 'em up" convention to me.

I almost think it shouldn't be broadcast except for highlights they would like to showcase because I think it's really for the workers. And, I believe the Democratic Convention is particularly boring.

I probably should clarify. When I said pitch perfect I was thinking of the 'average voter' not me personally. Some of what she said resonated with me, but certainly not everything.

I had it on the radio, doing something else... and had to snap it off in anger... but only after Obama and the scripted kiddy interruptions. Call me a cynic, but I'm just to pissed at the process anymore... the canned aspect of it... and most of all, the timing.

Who decided the Repugs were going to do the same thing two weeks later? (long enough for America to forget the Dem convention)?

I'm going out and buy my magic underwear now, in anticipation of Prez Mitt. The Repugs are going to have a field day with this. Sorry for the downer. Wish I could cheer up. Time to concentrate on the local politics.

Combined with the evangelical tone of voice it's almost as if she's taking about Jesus, or some cult leader.

Sounds like you've drank the right-wing kool-aid instead of the Obama-Koolaid.

Neither of those statements have anything evangelical about them. They sound like statements EVERY politician makes. Church leaders are starting to sound more like politicians nowadays, not the other way around. Now if she had said "he will raise Health Care from the dead and be reborn on the 3 day... Of Office!" You might be on to something.

The "chemically enhanced black Kennedys" seemed weird....I'm not even sure what that means...

i don't know if this will make you feel any more comfortable, jill, but by "chemically enhanced" i was referring to hair straightener (making michelle eerily resemble jackie), and by "black kennedys" i was making a point made a zillion times before, by just about everyone.

I'm annoyed that a wildly successful woman (in her own right) like Michelle Obama has to be a doting wife and mother and espouse tepid personal trivia splattered with inane, stepford-wife platitudes in order to be well-liked by the American public. We all know she's more Hillary Clinton and Teresa Heinz Kerry than she is Nancy Reagan. Yet last night she came off as very Nancy Reagan -- my husband will save the world blah blah blah. I miss the old, edgier, more authentic Michelle.

Norm, I'm can't agree with you here. Yes, it was a bland speech with lots of platitudes. But it isn't Michelle Obabma's task to attack Bush or McCain, or to be her edgy self. After all, Barack is faced with a fractured party in need of unity. She said what she needed to say, in a beautifully poised and dignified (and yes, hot) manner. Better than McCain or his wife will do, I dare say.

So many Clinton supporters seem to want to see Obama fail. Me, I want the Dems to not blow an election for once: I hope the Clintons knock this one out of the park when they give their speeches. I am holding my breath...

hmm. i got what Norm meant by "pitch perfect" - my feeling exactly. i want the Obama ticket to WIN, not to please me or anyone with their every word! heck, even Kucinich would be imperfect! the world is imperfect, politics is a great boiling sewer of BS and always will be! man, if anyone is so sure of how things should be done, they maybe should think about taking the added step beyond voting, and run for office. i wont, because it sounds like an awful job. as such i want, i embrace, i applaud, the lesser of two evils. that paradigm is always discussed as though it were an awful truth. maybe it's not. maybe we should be GLAD that someone who is so clearly well intentioned as Obama is willing to spend his life trying to do something constructive in DC. or, if electing Obama is not an obvious high priority, then, pray tell, what is?

oh, and yeah, she's hot :) i don't care if that's PC or not! what a babe. her hubby is one too. his body surfing shoot was media genius, and yes, it's all very Kennedy. i'll take it, dammit!


Now, is it me or has Obama not been his usual 'excellent, relaxed, conversational' self lately? I've watched him for years and now he just acts... tired?

My impression, exactly. He better be energizing on thursday, or this thing is sinking fast.


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