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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday




McCain-Palin, the anti-modernity ticket!

McCain/Palins will be a disaster for science.

The Palin bashing is fun, but I loved the 'Girls Gone Wilde', which was hilarious.

Shit, this is hilarious. Sarah Palin is in the NYTimes this morning. In her first published address to the nation following her VP selection, she has decided to address the vital national issue of her views on polar bears

(One wonders, based on how many times she appeals to the "scientific" backing for her views, exactly who this piece is intended to address?)

ah, correction, this was first published in Jan. 5 2008, and the Times is reposting it. Still, it's funny.

As superficial as it may sound, ultimately, I think the choice for McCain V.P. was limited by the height of the candidates.

There was no way in hell McCain would pick Romney, he's too tall! Pawlenty at 6' is almost half a foot taller, and even Huckabee would make McCain look smallish.

Whoever McCain picked, it was going to be someone roughly the same size (both in height and girth) or smaller.

Heh... It's a pretty bald attempt to pick up bitter Clintonista feminists if you ask me, but the height thing can't hurt either. :-)

Ok, hopefully I am not becoming the national enquirer, or even worse the daily kos, but what makes me question this candidates judgement is that she was 8 months pregnant in texas, had her water break, did not go to the hospital but got on a plane to Alaska, with a stop over in Seattle. Meaning that the earliest she would have gotten to Alaska was maybe 12 to 18 hours after her water broke. She is quoted in the WSJ.

<"Maybe they shouldn't have let me fly, but I wasn't showing much so they didn't know," she says.>

Now I am a doctor, a doctor would have advised her to go to the hospital not stat but soon (ie within hours) as there is risk of infection to the infant and she was one month early, considered high risk ( believe it or not women over 40 are all considered moderate risk) no airline would agree to taking you on a flight as well, they might have to land the plane urgently, delaying everyone else. Most people go into labour after your water breaks and labour in a women with 4 kids usually is pretty fast. There was a very high risk she would have gone into full labour on the flight.

If her doctor advised it was OK, it would be malpractice to do so. This not only might endanger her and her child but certainly put the airline and other passengers at marked inconvenience if not risk of emergency landing.

Anyway, it shows a lack of judgement and total lack of concerns for others including the airline.

OK, i need to get off the net, she did not arrive in Alaska until 18 hours after her water broke, an absolutely irresponsible thing to do.

Also the doctor stated she did not approve or agree to her flying.

Well, this is topical, because Science Debate has received Barack Obama's responses to its 14 questions. I posted some highlights here and the trackback to the full answers are there.

Overall, very encouraging.

k - I read that too and just didn't get it at all. Interesting to hear a doctor's take on it.

I was also curious about something else. I know she chose to have a Down's Syndrome child which is a personal choice - but I'm wondering why an anti-choice woman would have amniocentesis. I thought there is some small danger just in that procedure itself? Maybe not? I'm not saying a pro-choice woman wouldn't decide to have the child or maybe wouldn't...but, if you would never have an abortion no matter what - is there a reason to have amniocentesis? I don't know enough about it....

There is a risk of miscarriage with amnio. But she might have still been advised to have one if there were other concerns or she might just want to know.

There is another test that you often do first that might have suggested a possible abnormality and she might have wanted to know what was happening and what was going on. We really should not fault her on that and realistically we should not really question her decisions on her health and baby as they are her private ones. The issue I have with the flight was it was dangerous and put others at some degree of risk. I also think the other passengers/airline could have sued her if the flight had to land suddenly.

I mean it is sort of like the TB guy that got on the plane to come back to the US, putting your self and your needs first. I suspect she knew that she was not really supposed to fly and did anyway.

I read your link Doc.

It didn't say when her water broke. Is it you're medical opinion that when a woman has a contraction, her water is broken at that point?

My wife had contractions for several days before her water broke.

Kinda freaked me out, but our doc. didn't seem concerned, and the nurses sent us home twice.

Call me "Yevgeny":

"a Down's Syndrome child which is a personal choice "

Hyperanthrope Eugeniuses would disagree. Said H.E.

Collectivists of the world, unite. Polar bears swiiming 400 miles to the nearest ice sheet? Builds character, personal, ursal, rather, responsibility. Ownership ecology, you're on your own!

Selfish genes... Eu r on eurown!

Syngas - You have to check out other articles (I don't have a link but it's pretty easy to find...) - she had a slow leak of amniotic fluid which it also said doctors consider water breaking...

k- I am pro-choice so I certainly would not question a woman's health decisions - they are her own to make. I just was curious whether this was a procedure anti-choice women do and why. I worked with a woman who was pregnant at 38 and she didn't want to have the amnio because it was somewhat dangerous to the child...I don't know enough about it and I thought you might have some input on why an anti-abortionist would have it - that's all.

sorry did not post all links.

also i think it is wonderful that now in america it is considered an advantage to both the democratic and republican tickets to have a women and a black guy on the ballot. I love it that the repubicans like this women rather than slagging her for working with children. She seems smart and charsimatic. I just don't get this, and well we, the public, will not have much time to check her out.

Perhaps she was misquoted but this and other stories say had a leak of amnio, an internet search would have told her to go to hospital and get checked out.
I suspect she just took her chances


Palin was in Texas last week for an energy conference of the National Governors Association when she experienced signs of early labor. She wasn't due for another month.

Early Thursday -- she thinks it was around 4 a.m. Texas time -- she consulted with her doctor, family physician Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who is based in the Valley and has delivered lots of babies, including Piper, Palin's 7-year-old.

Palin said she felt fine but had leaked amniotic fluid and also felt some contractions that seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months.

"I said I am going to stay for the day. I have a speech I was determined to give," Palin said. She gave the luncheon keynote address for the energy conference.

Palin kept in close contact with Baldwin-Johnson. The contractions slowed to one or two an hour, "which is not active labor," the doctor said.

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

Thanks, Brian Donohue, for posting this link to Obama’s response to Science Debate’s 14 questions. I wish everyone would read them. There will always be those that will disagree with Obama’s positions but there can be no questioning the fact that this is a very brilliant man.


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