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Pew Research Center: More Americans Question Religion's Role in Politics

Some Americans are having a change of heart about mixing religion and politics.

Let it be known that the public can only forget 200 year old good ideas written into our constitution for so long before they get smacked in the face and 52% of people develop some common sense on the matter.

Another 50 years and they might realize evolution is real.


Let us hope that the human being will continue to evolve, eh?

Get it? Eh? I kill me!

Either way, at least this pendulum in swinging in the right direction.

Either way, at least this pendulum in swinging in the right direction.

The ineffectiveness of the left is balanced by the overreaching of the right.

It all equals the status quo.

T r u t h o u t...Overall, the fact that Obama brings civility and intelligence to public discourse that would be a welcome change in the White House, does not alter the corporate centrist core of his espoused policies.

Um, "corporate centrist core"? What?

While some attacks on Obama from the left are overheated, overly ideological and mechanistic, there's scant basis for denying the reality that his campaign and his positions are way too cozy with corporate power.

FISA, yeah, that was a bad judgment call, but what else in his policy positions vindicates this ridiculous charge? Does someone have to hate corporations and, heck, economics generally, to satisfy the far left-wing wingnuts?

Meanwhile, his embrace of escalating the war in Afghanistan reflects acceptance rather than rejection of what Martin Luther King Jr. called "the madness of militarism."

OK, attacks in Afghanistan have escalated dramatically and it is a mess there. The Taliban is now roaming freely along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, doing delightful things like burning down elementary schools for girls.

Barack never said he opposed all wars but only "dumb wars," and Iraq was a dumb war to start. But we have serious security interests there, in Afghanistan, and in Pakistan, and we cannot simply have a nice little chat with the Taliban, say, about liberal values to make the problem go away, Stopping them for tormenting people and destroying lives is our responsibility after turning that country upside down, and has nothing to do with so-called "militarism." And leaving to give them free reign would be a national security nightmare.


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