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Meanwhile, McCain's Tech policy shows that even his policy advisors don't know technology

McCain will not pass any "restrictive net neutrality" laws, but allow "free market" to "work it out".

However, later on, he admits that "free market" can't even get wires to everyone, and says that he supports "allowing" communities to "pick up the slack", whatever the hell that means (mccain doesn't even know).

He also talk a lot about online privacy from corporations, and making them say when they farm your info. Not a single mention of the government snooping on your emails, other than vague mentions of "online security" enforcement and "protection of IP".

The IP protection stuff is scary. Furthering "enforcement" and "crackdowns" on international piracy. Yeah. Good luck with that sir. I'm glad the government is getting so involved in international crime prosecution of people who burn cd's, but don't really seem to give a damn about my "fair use" ability to copy a purchased cd, since McCain has no problem with the DMCA.

Gah. What a maroon.

From the Huffpost:

To McCain, the Internet is all about business. It's about people working and buying stuff. There is nothing — nothing — in his policy statement that acknowledges that maybe the Net is also a new way we citizens are connecting with one another. The phrase "free speech" does not show up in it. The term "democracy" does not show up in it. What's the opposite of visionary? ... There's nothing in his policy about encouraging the free flow of ideas. Instead, when McCain thinks about ideas, he thinks about how to increase the walls around them by cracking down on "pirates" and ensuring " fair rewards to intellectual property" (which, technically speaking, I think isn't even English). Ideas and culture are, to John McCain, business commodities. He totally misses the dramatic and startling success of the Web in generating new value via open access to ideas and cultural products.

Said better than I could.


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