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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




"satanic 10 commandments"? how could i not click on that? how disappointing to discover the article doesn't even contain a list. i mean there's only 10, how lame is that? it only mentions 3 of them. and a bit more research into their origins would have been appreciated, rather than telling us they "just mysteriously appeared on private land in 1980". this is supposed to be journalism?


Thanks so much for mentioning my Benchley contest win!

That exercise pill sounds pretty scary. Anyone remember Phen-Phen?

Whey protein has a similar effect on muscles, but you still need to exercise a little for it to work. As far as I know, it has few side effects unless you have a pre-existing kidney problem.

oops, I guess that was Fenphen.

Could somebody tell me what that Feyerabend item is about? I'm feeling lazy this morning and don't want to go googling through a couple hundred pages of this-'n-that to figure it out. "Scientific method impedes scientific progress?" I don't get it.


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