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Dick Move of the Week - McCain Attacks



The media is sooo in love with Obama and just too hard on McCain... at least, that's what they tell us. Thanks to the Daily Show it's good to see a touch of reality sprinkled over Fantasyland.


That was seriously brilliant. Best Daily Show segment in quite awhile.

mccain just looks worse and worse. he's shakey, he can't get out a full sentance without stuttering, the constant storm of emotion is painfully obvious just beneath the skin of his face. he seems reluctant, unsure, and some kind of repressed rage looks like it's threatening to bust through to the surface at any second. if i were his doctor i'd tell him if he continued in the race i couldn't be responsible for what happens. if i had the bread i'd start a pool right now at 500 to one he keels over before the elections, or quits on doctors orders.

i'm not that familiar with the laws and processes involved- can anyone tell me who would be likely to replace him as republican front runner in the event i am right regarding the above?

btw, stewart's material here, as (almost) always, is brilliant but his delivery seemed kind of forced, his timing was off.

McCain's new ad compares barack to Moses.

I am not shitting you.

McCain is Koo Koo for coco puffs.


My favorite part is when Stewart makes a reference to a "sad-eyed hobo" and a picture of McCain appears briefly before switching to a hobo.

Not sure if that was an intended jab at McCain, improvised joke by whoever changes the images or just a goof that ended up working.

I think it was an attempt at humor.

Parts of it were almost funny from my perspective.

I shit you not ;)

Just watched the Moses ad. Actually, not funny - actually just plain misleading and repulsive. Basically, I think they want to say Obama is uppity without saying it.

Obama might be a "Hollywood celebrity" but McCain is a frickin' cartoon character, who may have the potential to be even more surrealistically insane than Bush is.


That add is childish at best...let him keep putting adds like this out we'll see what good it does him. Rediculous.

That ad is not an attempt at humor. It's the criticism that McCain has been throwing at obama for two weeks now, Since McCain seems to understand that showing himself as an old man who supports tax cuts for the rich isn't playing well. Just because they cut in a charlton heston clip doesn't make it humor.

Notice how every clip is cut awkwardly short? I wonder if the McCain camp is taking it out of context...

Know what? Fuck McCain. I've gone from pity to absolute disgust for someone like this trying to run this country. I'll be shocked if he wins this race. Even Campain donors the Hiltons are mad about the new McCain...


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