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Bill Maher on Politics

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someone apparantly fixed his suit between this clip and the one on religion. i found the weird way his jacket was (not) fitting distracting. i kept imagining him in one of those glass bubble space helmets.

so, norm, this is basically your position, is that correct? about disappointment with barack and how hillary could have perhaps presented a stronger show of liberal values, without caving in so much to the practical need to pander to white (read: conservative/centrist mainstream) voters as ol' barry has?

i mean, i haven't seen anyone else say it this clearly, and even maher is dancing around it:

the white majority is just barely ready to accept a woman president (on the condition she's white, and her opponent is a black man) and not quite ready to accept a black one. therefore hillary makes more sense to be the dem candidate because she can say to the white mainstream democrats, in effect, "calm down. at least i'm not a muslim with a "lippy" wife (thank you bill maher), so work with me on this "liberal" stuff.

whereas obama, if he wants to win, needs to make concessions to the conservatives BECAUSE he's black.


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