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Al Gore at the Democratic National Convention

Another great speech, the Democrats are on a roll.

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Even though it wasn't rabble rousing and didn't play for big applause lines, the content was clear and rang with great truths about this political moment in history.

Al has always been impressive that way.

I bet the transcript reads much better than the actual delivery.

Even though it wasn't a rabble rousing speech and didn't play for big applause lines, the content was clear and rang with great truths about this political moment in history.

Al has always been impressive that way.

I bet the transcript reads much better than the actual delivery.

He managed to whine about the 2000 election again and plug his movie. Too bad he couldn't work in his new book, or his 36-week act at the Sands. Come for the Global Warming hysteria, stay for the buffet ... and the loosest slots in Nevada!!

For me, this is a much better video:

Or perhaps this one:

The people who don't like Obama don't "fear the change he brings". We just don't like him.

Kind of like all these talking heads who are pretending to like him now.

Keep trying calligraph, and keep failing. Game on. Strike 'em out, throw 'em out.

We just don't like him.

For which you have yet to articulate an actual argument. I know you think some smear lines about celebrity are pretty clever, that's clear from your link. But what your own views on the issues are, or more importantly, how you would actually back them up (with, say, evidence), no one here knows, as you seem to spend most your time on the dishonest attacks and distortion, but none on really defending any serious ideas of your own--exactly like John McCain these days, as a matter of fact. All we hear about is the days he spent as a prisoner 40 years ago (a remarkable qualification for President, as Kerry knows), how Obama is a celebrity who'll raise taxes, and how eager McCain personally is to alienate China, make empty threats against Russia that they plainly know we can't back up, start another war with Iran, all the while magically saving the day in Iraq and Afghanistan (apparently, the latter without acknowledging Pakistan at all). Fucking brilliant.

Do you mix up the Sunnis and Shias too? I'm so glad he'll protect us from Iran, given how much he knows about how things work there, and who is in charge! And I'll bet you believe 'we are all georgians now'

Bill Clinton presided over the country in a time of prosperity unmatched by any Republican for at least fifty years - including the sainted Ronald Reagan - and he didn't borrow from later generations to do it. But he he had nothing to do with it. Ronald Reagan gave us a "golden age" and he should be worshipped for bringing it about despite the fact that he accumulated the largest peacetime debt in American history. (Reagan whined incessantly about Jimmy Carter's deficits during his campaign!) Al Gore tells the truth about global warming and its "hysteria". All of these conclusions are based on bald assertions; calligraph is either too arrogant or too intellectually lazy to establish any kind of quantitative comparisons which would demonstrate the superiority of his "conservatism". So who gives a damn who he "likes"? He's a twit.


I'm sure you are familiar with McCain.s comment that his wife is the computer user in the family.

Given this, the 7 to 10 houses people keep talking about, the 5 million dollar thing = rich thing, do you feel he may be out of touch with most american's lives?

I mean, he did come from money, father was a senior officer during his war, married even more money. He is also the oldest man to seek the office.

This isn't to say that not relating to 'common' people is bad, really or that Obama has that market, but what do you think, personally, about this?

McCain does not use a computer and makes a joke about it? Similar to kill Iranians with smoking or bomb bomb bomb Iran?

(I won't mention the rape jokes here.. oh, oops)

As a person who believes America's future is as a exporting tech leader in the next century, I find that very very scary, myself.

More substance in his speech than in the preceding put together. For once, knowledge over showbiz.

Man this guy couldve been a great president. I love al gore.


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