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A Book For You

I've read it, I enjoyed it, would you like it? The book is The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank. His previous book "What's the Matter with Kansas" explained why people voted against their own best interests. In his new book disucsses the rise to power of the conservative movement even though its goals and interests don't serve the the majority of voters. How they keep the government broken and what it all means for the coming election.

Bill Moyers and Thomas Frank

And the winner is, Bill W.

I'll take all requests for the book left in the comments during the next 24 hours, or so, and then use a random number generator to determine the winner. I'll then ship the book at my expense to the winner. The offer is limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada. My apologies to my good friends in other countries but the cost of shipments to other destinations is simply too high.

Note:The offer is open only to registered comments others will be ignored. Please make it clear if you want to be considered for the book or are just commenting.



Hi Norm,

I would be interested in the book. Thanks.

Sounds Good Norm, sign me up!

Sounds like a great read, put me in the drawing please.

Defininately interested in the book. He was on 8/4's Fresh Air and was a fun listen.

I'm interested; please enter me into the lotto. Thanks!

Pick me RNG, pick me!

i am very interested, and would be mondo happy to receive a hand-me-down from the real norm jenson!

Yes. I would be glad to accept a million bucks. I would also like to be included in the Shirley Jackson Lotto Sweepstakes.

Please put me in the book lottery.

I'll put my hand up for a chance at the book.

Hi. I'd be interested in the book. The author did a fantastic job with WTMWK. thanks

'Kansas' was great. I'm in.

In for the win! Thx.

I enjoyed and shared the last one, and would enjoy this one too. Count me in.

I'm interested in the book. Thanks!

I would also like a chance at winning this book. Thanks.

Frank's "What's The Matter..." and Perlstein's "Before The Storm" both changed how I think of politics. And now we have Perlstein's "Nixonland" and the new "Wrecking Crew." Excellent brain food all around. Would love to win your copy.

im in, again! third time's a charm

Yes, please do add my name. :)

/fingers crossed

Finally got that Movable Type crappy system to work. So put me in the drawing for the book!


Count me in! I really enjoyed WtMWK!

Me would likey likey.

Thanky thanky.


I enjoy reading your thoughts, so, it stands to reason, I would enjoy reading what you read. Put me in the drawing!

Please add me into the random number generator for the book! Thank you.

Please count me in. Thanks, Norm!

Thanks Norm!

/big smile :D


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