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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?

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This Week w/George Stephanopoulos



John by a long shot, the others as usual didn't warrant a chuckle. John's look at the end of the clip was funnier then the "jokes" of the others

A tie between Furgeson & Leno.

Jon Stewart, no contest. Now that's what I call a non-partisan comedy.

Yup, Daily Show wins, with Leno at a distant second, followed by Craig Ferguson at third.

As for Jon's subject matter: look at that, another politician insulting our intelligence. Obama sure is desperate for votes from the 20% who still think Bush's attitude is appealing.

But nonetheless, can you grit your teeth and vote for Obama, please? After you've done that, maybe you should do something about the US electoral system, and make it so it's possible to actually cast an effectual vote for more than two candidates? ;)

Jon was funny - and though Ferguson was predictable in retrospect - I laughed anyway. Even Leno was funny - a rare occurence.

I really think too much has been made of this "magic wand" phrase. It's trite, but both of them (Bush and Obama) were just using an expression to indicate that the president doesn't control oil prices. In the case of Bush, of course, if he had had an active energy policy that amounted to more than just whining about drilling more - i.e., to reduce demand - in the long run, he could affect prices.

I really think too much has been made of this "magic wand" phrase.

Perhaps some people are only seeing it as "if Bush says it, it must be a bad thing to say." Or, even more erroneously: "onoes, Obama is just like Bush!"

But to me the real issue is simply that Bush and Obama are talking to the same theoretical audience in the same condescending way. Obama did a very similar thing with the FISA bullshit. If the "magic wand" statement wasn't part of a trend, people would have been more willing to dismiss it as an isolated coincidence.

I think we're seeing General Presidential Election Obama, and to lefties and freethinkers he's not as appealing as Just A Senator Obama. You know, the "no more politics as usual" Obama we saw, until... he actually started trying to win the general election.

The big question, as I have said before, is whether reaching for the "middle voter" like this is going to work, whether Obama is alienating too many of the people his campaign originally appealed to, and whether all this crap he's pulling is going to fatally damage his overall credibility.

Craig Ferguson for me.


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