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Obama on the Surge



Ugh. Famed gossip columnist "Wonkette" versus random 20-something no-name. This is "substance"?

thanks for the vid! Was having trouble sleeping lately, but did the trick! yawn... (=.=)ZZzzz

Where is the media bias? All anyone is trying to do is paint Obama's decision not to support the surge as horrible. Why isn't he pointing out the fact that we never should have been in Iraq in the first place? He is the only voice that would be credible saying this and it would resonate with voters.

How many historical revisionists can dance on the head of a pin?

Obama has side-stepped this issue because, like most of the things leveled at him, it's all smoke.

The "Surge" was NOT presented to us or to Congress as a delicate orchestration of tribal bribery, negotiation with people the administration had previously categorized as Terrorists in coordination with a Sunni Awakening and the success of local Iraqi programs of ethnic cleansing.

The "Surge" was a localized, limited, temporary, and frankly desperate increase in troops intended to stabilize Bagdad and as described would have had little effect and zero lasting effect.

Those other factors listed above have accomplished far more than the "Surge" could have, or frankly, was expected to. And all of it is fueled by the growing expectation that we are going to leave. Without that looming reality, which a few delusional Hawks would like to derail, the complexion of the occupation would be much different today.

But just as the rational for the Invasion has been changed over and over again to obscure it's failures, the "Surge" is being re-defined to try to take credit for accidental success. Anyone who thinks the Bush administration are responsible for planning this, anymore than they were able to foresee the potential consequences of a Hurricane, hasn't been paying attention.



So long-winded I even sign my posts twice.


Well put, fp.
The way this is being spun by the media shows how little even our journalists understand about basic current foreign policy in Iraq.

Once again, FOX "news stories" dominate the political dialogue.

When and where has everybody decided that the surge was a success???

When and where has everybody decided that the surge was a success???

The dumbshit American MSM that drives the views of some 70 percent of Americans.


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