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Obama in Berlin - Daily Show



jon stewart, and the fact that so many people seem to like him, gives me hope. this was just an excellent clip all around. thanks.

Now that the media have decided on our new leader, I'm feeling a bit more optimistic that McCretin will get defeated. Not too optimistic about what this means in the longer term, though.

Hey Stephen - Kind of a cryptic comment...first - are you saying Jon Stewart represents the media (I only wish) or are you seeing strong Obama support in other media and, I'm not sure what you mean about longer term either...?


Just ten seconds of FoxNews, but already two things these wannabe-journalists got completely wrong: John F. Kennedy never delivered a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate. His famous 'Ich bin ein Berliner' was delivered from the balcony of Berlin's Rathaus Schöneberg. Furthermore, the Berlin victory column was build between 1864 and 1873 to commemorate the Prussian wars against Denmark, Austria and France. Oh, and by the way: More than 16 years before Hitler was even born. But why should they care about accuracy when this made-up story serves their political agenda so well ...


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