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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


  • Gwynne Dyer: What Obama hopes to accomplish with his foreign tour - Salt Lake Tribune
    Barack Obama wants three things out of his tour of the Middle East and Europe. He wants people everywhere to think that he has the answers for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants Jewish Americans to believe that he is Israel's unquestioning supporter. And he wants Americans to notice that Europeans would vote for him by a 5-1 majority, if they could vote in U.S. elections.
    Americans will certainly notice that, although it will not do him much good among the key group of American voters whose support would make an Obama victory next November a dead certainty: the white poor in decaying rust-belt towns who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them . . . as a way to explain their frustrations," as he famously put it last spring. Those people are not impressed by the views of foreigners, and they don't automatically vote Democratic any more.
    Neither do Jewish Americans, and the Zionist majority among them are deeply suspicious about Obama's commitment to Israel. This is true even though he now toes the line, saying that Israel is just the innocent victim of "the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam." All the history has vanished down the memory hole, and he no longer refers to the underlying issues of conquest and settlement.

  • Evolving Thoughts: What philosophy of science and "postmodernism" have in common

  • The God Gap: The Godless West? - The Fix
    The most interesting divide that is apparent from the Gallup results is that people living in western states are significantly less likely to believe in God than residents of any other geographic region of the country.

  • The Language Guy: Political Correctness Gone Crazy
    It seems that a British borough council banned use of the phrase "brain storm." I want you to try to figure out why they might have chosen to do that. I am betting you can't.

  • vonnegutSTYLE

  • W. » Listics

  • Naomi Alderman makes the case for ebooks | Books | The Observer(I received a Kindle for my birthday a few days ago; I'll have more to say later.)

  • H.E.R.B. - 'Toons Page 23(tip to pedantsareus)



Gah, @Gwynne:

the white poor in decaying rust-belt towns who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them . . . as a way to explain their frustrations," as he famously put it last spring. Those people are not impressed by the views of foreigners, and they don't automatically vote Democratic any more.

Somehow, she took the "elitist" remark by Obama and ended up sounding more elitist than him. "boy, those blue-collar workers hate forners".

invading Afghanistan in 2001, although a political necessity in the U.S. after 9/11, was also a strategic error.
But she ends with...
and if that means that the Taliban regain control (which is not actually very likely),

So, our invasion of Afg. overthrew the taliban to the point where they probably cannot regain control, and it was a strategic error? She lost me...

Another pundit arguing that "middle America" hates foreign countries, obama can't look TOO good while over there or else poor white people will be afraid of him.

Sorry Gwynne, Jewish voters now prefer Obama over their old poster boy, Joe Lieberman. Sorry Gwynne, poor white voters who distrust france and germany aren't going to vote for Obama regardless of how he looked on his tour. They still assume he's Muslim, and consider that equal to "terrorist" or "manchurian candidate". That's a pretty tiny constituancy of poor white voters who hate forigners but also want a young democratic presidential candidate.

let me clarify.. (the amazon banner over there started slowing my browser to a crawl...)

IF poor white people hate foreigners as much as she assumes

AND were part of the "guns religion" constituency of voters (who vote against their own self interests due to Gay/Abortion/Gun issues, as obama was saying)

AND these people are watching to see how Obama is recieved overseas

AND seeing a good reception overseas puts him in a bad light in their eyes

THEN they are really gonna be mad when they look at Obama's foreign policy stances.

Alliances with other countries? Consulting the UN for help? Adherence to the Geneva Conventions at Guitmo? They won't like these things at all!

(as a side note, would it be better for Obama to show up at victory square with a crowd that was burning flags and chanting "Barack go home!"? Is that was those "poor white voters" are looking for? Just curious)

He not she.

He not she.

All the same, kinda douchey to bring up the elitist garbage again.

Obama was trying to explain his sagging poll number in PA. He was talking around saying that race was a factor.

He was like, hey that area has a lot of unenlightened folks. Only without calling them unenlightened or racist because he needs some of those folks to vote for him in the fall.

He seems to be picking a good number of them up slowly and surely.

Language guy: ten seconds and I guessed it!

i'll keep this short:

calling any american jew who isn't planning to move to israel in the near future a "zionist" is EXACTLY like calling a movie buff- or more likely, someone who cries at movies and then goes shopping- an "actor".

so, now that we've got that cleared up... out in salt lake city, where most people have probably never met a jew, much less a zionist, they think american jews are mostly zionists, ay? well, that is amusing. thank you so much norm.

no, seriously,i'm well aware that it's gotten to the point that anyone who's against the complete distruction and dismantlement of israel is a "zionist" for many people, especially journalists. how the mighty have fallen. (journalists and zionists).

which is not to say ms. dyer is incorrect about obama courting a jewish vote that wants america to be a strong "friend" to israel- and i don't even want to get into what that means for american jews. it just doesn't make them "zionists".

The God Gap: The Godless West? - The Fix

Is this because the momos think they are their own gods?


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