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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




Re: Water Wasters

Most of those made a lot of sense. The lawn watering one really stood out for me. I am amazed at how many of my neighbors have automatic sprinkling systems that water daily whether or not the grass actually needs it. The worst part is their yards only look marginally better than the people that rely on the rain.

The beer one seemed pretty rediculous. It may make you dehydrated, but I don't think it's a top 10 water waster.

Ahhahhahah snort ahhhahahha

Senator John McCain canceled his trip to visit Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as almost half a million gallons of crude oil began to coat the Mississippi River. The McCain campaign barely avoided stepping on a campaign banana peel, or oil slick as it were, reportedly planning a Gulf Coast oil rig photo op as a 30 mile stretch of Mississippi was shut down from a barge split in two by a tanker last night.

Yeah, he'll say he canceled his trip due to "weather", but really? The weather called for partly cloudy.

I admit, it's a simple pleasure to see the Candidate who supports offshore drilling cancel a press appointment due to an oil spill, but I enjoy it Immensly.


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