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re: win some lose some.

How many people do you need in a group for a better-than-even chance that two will share the same birthday? The answer is not half of 365, it is 23.

i LOVE having my mind blown. thanks, norm.

re:mcewans story: the story itself is common enough if you take the variables into account (sorry, still thinking about probability) but he writes so beautifully, emphasizing just the right thing in just the right way with astounding economy, i found it quite touching. am i to understand this is from the foward to a book the brother in question has written about the subject? if so, i don't know if thats a good move on the part of the publisher or the mcewans. ians' brothers' prose will necessarily seem (by the laws of probability:))lackluster by comparison.

Hi Jonathan

regarding your posting

look here

hi pedantsareus. thanks for the correction. my general philosophy with regard to grammar, as well as...just about everything is "you've gotta know the rules before you can break 'em", and in this case i really was more than a little fuzzy about the proper use of apostrophes. don't be surprised, however, if i continue to make the same kinds of mistakes in the future, since ease and speed of typing is really paramount for me. i usually give it a once-over before i hit "post", but only edit if the mistake in question could lead to confusion for the reader.

btw, i'm guessing that "posting" is the correct form of the noun most people write as "post". isn't there any democracy in grammar? nobody says "posting", though i assume it's correct because you use it. and, while i'm on the subject, isn't there a difference between what we write here and what norm posts? yet they're both "postings", i think. confusing. but thanks again.


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