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MMMMMmmm, compulsive registration NYT link... yum.

Wall-mart/street vs.

Wall-E, I must see, someday. Pixar picks up the ball.... and touches down on planet Earth, sounds like.

"I agree that the Malthusian fear mongering was annoying," annoying is a knowing that I am surely Goldberg's "fascist" variation to the nth power, a growling progrrrrressive, more than a feely Liberal (al a kali yuga), or a typical manufactured country home dweller/conservant, such as [confected, err, synthetic legume]:

I wonder if You the People haven't abused your "freedom" so much that it must be taken away for your own continued existence, much less good. Fascism , like abortion, amputation, etc., may be recommended under certain conditions. The economy depends from the Ecology, not the other way around, no matter what the good book, or the Feel Good says. Sorry, Charlie...err, Jonah.

WALL-E Is a fine film.

Solar powered robots are the new Jesus. Second coming of the Sun of God.

I can see why the Religious right, might seem threatened. Having your god be a carpenter seems kinda seems old fashion.

I liked WALL-E, and I think I'm pretty conservative. My kids loved it.

Like most films, you can see what you want in it, but I would hope (at least to themselves), the critics would agree gluttony is still a sin that results in an early demise.

I enjoyed WALL-E.

Though I think I enjoyed the cartoon before the actual movie more. It reminded me of old Bug's Bunny cartoons and made me feel nostalgic.

We need to get good cartoons back for kids instead of all this anime wanna-be crap.

This, after Pixar convinced us it was not only okay, but in fact a cultural responsibility to drive in "Cars"? And will Disney be marketing a line of environmentally friendly "junk" to go along with the movie's theme?

too damn funny. i was already planning to see WALL-E. now i'm gonna bring a posse.

"MMMMMmmm, compulsive registration NYT link... yum."

this link did not require an account in case you or anyone else wanted to read it.

Keith, 44, a painter and decorator, said: "The school is wonderful but this one teacher has made a major mistake. It seems to be happening throughout society. People think they can ride roughshod over our beliefs and the way we live."

Remarks like this kill me, because people usually take every opportunity to 'ride roughshod' over anyone that doesn't share their point of view.

From an OP ED in NYT..

Mr. McCain should be required to see “Wall-E” to learn just how far adrift he is from an America whose economic fears cannot be remedied by his flip-flop embrace of the Bush tax cuts (for the wealthy) and his sham gas-tax holiday (for everyone else). Mr. Obama should see it to be reminded of just how bold his vision of change had been before he settled into a front-runner’s complacency. Americans should see it to appreciate just how much things are out of joint on an Independence Day when a cartoon robot evokes America’s patriotic ideals with more conviction than either of the men who would be president.


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