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If Congress ever intends to be taken seriously, they need to deal with this. But they won't. And so it goes.

That's why I support the man. I hear my state is a "swing state", so I might not vote my conscience... depends on where things stand when it gets down to the wire. It's likely I'll be writing Dennis' name in, though. I sure hate voting against people. Last time I voted for somebody, it was Tim Wirth in '82.

God damn, I hate this "system."

the system is supported by you. So long as you chose to be bound by the system it will control you and your decisions. false choice is a bitch


This is the man that Democrats tossed aside in favor of Corporatist Barack "Fourth Amendment Killer" Obama.

Amerika, you get what you deserve.

FOr all the mocking that goes on about Kucinich being small, he's got the "biggest balls" of anyone in public office. We had three great choices for president this year (Kucinich, Dodd and Edwards) where we could have had real change as opposed to Change™. If McCain wasn't so frightening of a candidate I'd be much more apt to recommend Stephen Muth vote his conscience but as it is - anything to keep the worst hybrid of Bush policies, Reagan Alzheimer's and Nixon temper from entering office is worth it even if it means swallowing some integrity and voting Obama.

After the Democrat's victory in 2006 I was with Pelosi on this. I thought impeachment was too dangerous - for the Democracts. I thought it would provoke a backlash. I thought it a reckless pet project of some lefties.

Well, not any more. Looks like I found my lefty soul again. Seeing the smarmy O'Reilly trying to diss Kucinich I'm actually ashamed of myself. Today I think it would be the only right thing to do for Congress and for the Democratic majority. Nobody knows if it would be helpful or hurtful for the Dems. And I still understand Pelosi's fears. After all impeachment tarnished Clinton's reputation, but politically it helped him and the Democrats.

But fuck that ('scuse my french)! And fuck these SOBs. Impeachment against this criminal bunch of mass-murderers is a historical duty. We can't wait for The Hague.

Even though I fear we have to...

Pardon my broken record: Impeachment Does Not Work.

Before impeachment proceedings are concluded, Bush will resign. Cheney will pardon him and then retire to Dubai to Haliburton's world headquarters in Dubai which will not extradite him. Game over.

It is exceedingly weak tea to remove the Village Idiot from office AFTER he's done all his damage and in a way that guarantees, thanks to his pardon, that he will never be brought to justice.


Impeach Cheney first - Bush can't put in successor without majority approval of both houses of Congress. A pledge for no pardon for Bush would be the prerequisite for approval. Yes, I know, it's never going to happen - but if Congress had the testicular fortitude to throw out Cheney, it would have the same for requiring the no pardon pledge from his successor.

Of course, the successor wouldn't be bound by the pledge - in which case Congress's choice would be to leave the VP job vacant and impeach Bush anyway.


I reject FDP's Dry-Powder Democrat argument which says that we should do nothing now because, at some undetermined point in the future, the opposition will actually grow a pair and do something even better. Guess what. That undetermined point in the future never arrives.

Write it down: Barack Obama's first act as president will be to help Bush and his gang carry all their loot out to the getaway car, thank them for their public service, and then it will be nothing but talk about "moving forward," "getting over it," "focusing on the future," bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. And the gutless Democrats will fall right in line.

Unfortunately, Corp, those are the choices we are left with: the Sucker Play of impeachment, or a much smarter move that the Dems might, I agree, not have the hair to follow through with.

If you prefer forcing George Bush to accept complete and utter immunity for the crimes he's committed since taking office, then by all means demand that he be impeached.

For my part, I'll give Barack the chance to reach for greatness and judge him for his choices after he's made them.



Barack Obama is the biggest Sucker Play around. That's been clearly established over the last four years.

Really - I would say McCain the Maverick - the Straight Shooter - the Man that supports the military, the one who sticks by his values.....I would call that the biggest Sucker Play.

And, I'm curious - did anyone work on Kucinich's campaign? Get out there and really spread the word? Or, for that matter, Edwards?


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