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Don't Ask



I served in the military many years ago, side-by-side with friends who were gay. I never sucked a dick or was forced to bend over. Should I be insulted? Am I not cute enough? I work out and everything. Oh, wait a minute. Now I remember why I never had a problem with the homosexuals in my unit: I'm not gay.


We should be tolerate of the intolerant homophobes.

Thank god there are some sane people in Congress to speak against this homophobic attitude. I've had quite a few friends in the military that have served overseas, and I've asked them about this. None of them even cared if gay people were in the military with them, when it really gets down to it and you're in the middle of a battle or getting shot at, you really don't care if the guy next to you helping you is gay or not. It's just absurd that they're still continuing this policy and kicking people out because of it and when we're involved in a war(s) no less.

"I cannot tolorate immoral gay people nearby while I am shooting people."

Kidding, but perhaps we should puruse history, and note that those "300" Spartans were often lovers.

I'm not trying to go along with the 'wrongfooting' of Iran now or anything, but the shit I hate about thier leader is the EXACT SAME shit I hate about these Conservative asshats.

Ex: Iran just hung 29 men in a day, several of which were guilty of being... OMG!! GAY. Others were guily of other acts the Conservatives oppose... like sex, or speaking out against a government you dissagree with.

Yes, I'm saying it.. the conservative people we see in this video, if not opposed, would eventually be as bad as the leader of Iran.

i don't get this. if i were gay, i'd be thinking "please let being gay be grounds for avoidance of military service, please!" i'd help the army devise a test to weed us out.

but no, of course gays should have just as much right to stupidly throw their lives away for exxon as anyone else. i prefer the peanut gallery, where i can continue ensuring that my genes survive me.

there are plenty of oppurtunities for dangerous kicks in this world without having some asshole shouting orders at you into the bargain.

and, emzmcgee, what you said is true, but believe me, in battle you don't care if the guy next to you is charlie manson (in fact this could be an advantage) as long as he has a weapon and the same basic loyalties and, preferably, training as you. not much of an argument, if you ask me. and anyway, any soldier will tell you that the vast majority of his time in service, even in an active battle zone, is spent killing time, not the enemy. i don't think battlefield performance is really at issue here. or shouldn't be.

i liked leftbanker's point, that if you're not gay, and not a homophobe, you have no problems working/fighting with gays. here's a question connected to jon stewarts line about "all the great racist ballplayers we've missed out on" because of jackie robinson: does the military have the right to take into account it's traditional, well-known condition as a bastion of homophobia when making these decisions? are they somehow to blame for this?

note that those "300" Spartans were often lovers.

well, just look at those abs. delish! :)

can we talk about how the military MAKES you gay?

If there’s been a “sexual orientation” problem in our military, it’s been the overly-aggressive heterosexual males harassing female soldiers. It was bad enough in my day, but now the incidents of rape and harassment in our current military are appalling. How come these right-wing rednecks aren’t whining about THAT to Congress? Talk to any female soldier, past or present, and she’ll relate tales of harassment, stalking, or inappropriate behavior inflicted on her by some asshole soldier or other. So this whole “being in a foxhole next to a gay will make me go homo” is horseshit.

It's a dirty secret the stupid rednecks who run the military refuse to address. And this appalling behavior is happening at the service academies too.

So instead of asking some Ranger if he's afraid to cuddle with a fag buddy in extreme cold, ask a female soldier if she's afraid to live in a barracks at West Point with a bunch of date raping shitbags.

As a side note, I'm often amused at the ease with which people often throw around the word fag (including television) yet self-censor or bleep-out the word nigger. Not pointing fingers here, just making an observation.

Erick, I believe the reason people can more easily throw around one word and not the other is because of how the communities view the terms. Although quite a few gay people are very offended by "fag" when coming from non-gay people, there are quite a few gay people who embrace the word. On the other hand, most African Americans believe the term "nigger" should not be used by non-black people and quite frequently not even by black people. There are of course exceptions, but those exceptions are much less common than embracing the term "fag" in the gay community.

In any event, I think political correct bu115h!t should be avoided at all costs. But on the other hand, any statement meant as an ad hominem and intended only to hurt shouldn't be used to begin with, regardless of whether it is bigoted or not. With that simple rule, all racist, sexist, homophobic, etc speech goes right out along with general insults that have nothing to do with bigotry. Of course, people should be allowed to say anything they choose to. By breaking my little rule, their character becomes evident.

What is wrong with trying to be "politically correct?" I know some people take it too far to the point of farcical but - the general intent is for people to be able to effectively and respectfully live and work together. I don't want to address people in a way that is offensive to them. If not for political correctness we would be calling African Americans colored people or worse, 60-year old office women would be called girls and McCain wouldn't offend anyone by calling the Vietnamese "gooks." There is always some group that takes things too far - there are always fanatics of anything but...the general idea seems fine to me.

By the time the troops are pulled out of the middle east there won't be any straight soldiers left alive so they will have to supplement the army with the gay ones anyways. They obviously can't win this argument, but if they did, chances are their next step is to get women out of the millitary and back into the kitchen.


Finally I find someone who is as confused as I am, and who wonders what is wrong with being polite and fair, which is how I translate being politically correct.

I'm often amused at the ease with which people often throw around the word fag (including television) yet self-censor or bleep-out the word nigger

Right.. Imagine how many hurldles that Obama has to jump over and then consider how many hurdles a candidate who is gay would have to jump over.. Well, the gay guy/gal would have way too many hurdles... In fact, so many hurdles that we all know that it would be impossible.

Can anyone picture a black, gay female running for president? Of course not. That person wouldn't have a chance in hell.

Can anyone picture a black, gay female running for president?

How about an atheist? Not a chance.

How about an atheist black hispanic gay female?

For sure, not a chance.

And a liberal? Add that to the mix? Oh no!

Don't ask.

Can anyone picture a black, gay female running for president? Of course not. That person wouldn't have a chance in hell.

If Republicans had been asked in the 70s would they vote for a divorced, ex-movie actor they'd probably have said no.

Right now it's a statistical tie between McCain and Obama. And this when any democrat should be way ahead. Obama can never win the presidency. Won't happen. Gore lost, Kerry lost, and Obama will lose. I'm already used to the idea that a Democrat cannot win the presidency. Too many liberals hate Obama, so no way he'll be the next president. Won't happen. Our next president will be John McCain. How depressing..


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