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What is it w/ the comedy central downloads? They used to come through crisp and quickly, now practically every-other-word has to be bufferred . . .it takes 20 mins to watch a 3 minute clip! IF you can get it to download the entire piece. Many times, it just STOPS.

No better results at the Comedy Central website. It's not my browser ... its their system that seems to be at fault.

Comedy Central, get it together!

i've been suffering through this too. not 20 minutes, but annoying enough. don't know who to blame or complain to, but i second thinga boutit's cry for help.

funny clip, though, despite buffering problems. "m.c. stash" indeed! no, i don't think i want to be part of the "pot smokers club" if geraldo rivera is a member. maybe i'll start my own chapter- "pot smokers who don't wish to be associated with geraldo". kinda catchy...?

never mind.

i think the stash meant moustache.

thanks, jill. that's the second time in a week i've been corrected on a pop culture reference. this is extremely disheartening to me, but it's better than NOT being corrected and being allowed to continue in my embarrasing ignorance. you are a true friend. :) (tell me you didn't know that geraldo is a known jewish pothead. it'll make me feel better about not paying enough attention to his facial hair and slang references to it. i'm going to go google the hell out of paris hilton now.)

a known jewish pothead

Geraldo is Jewish?

to my everlasting shame, i believe so. but i'm losing my pop culture confidence, i guess i could be wrong.

I could be wrong - I was just saying that's what I took it as.

I knew he was part Jewish - did not know about the pot-smoking part. I guess he does no credit to either :) but, I don't mind what I know about him. As far as I know (I don't pay attention, I admit) he's just an over-the-top buffoon - not a hate-mongering buffoon like O'Lielly.

Don't be discouraged - you're out of the country so you have an excuse (I have a friend who traveled for only a year but always falls back on having been out of the country if anything comes up he doesn't know...) And, I agree - I would rather someone tell me online than have it come up when you can't just disappear for a while :)


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