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What is funny and what is not, as decided by Matthews and Milbank—suddenly, i've lost the will to live.

Noticed Matthews can't let go of his obsessive hate for Bill Clinton. A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke…

Haha, I like the SNL skit at the end. "I'm not gonna change who I am just because it's Halloween". And yet he did, but to get elected. FISA sellout. Lawling @ irony.

For a neutered-of-all-feeling political video, it wasn't bad. In fact, I though it was clever at times, and it's far better made than their previous efforts.

Yes, it's a bit out of date, and it's safe, centrist political commentary, much like Jay Leno, with all the sharpness of a bowling ball. But it is what it is, and it's mildly amusing.

To those of us New Yorker readers, it may suck. But to us apolitical Nebraskan yokels, it's pretty amusing stuff, with a catchy tune.

For a cartoon with a bit more bite, try this one from a couple of months ago, which (IMO) was pretty funny (especially the last pane).


our dedication to Bill and Hillary Clinton is to me obviously genuine and admirable, but is it a sacrilegious idea that even Him and Her may not get it right every time? Choose your fights—i wouldn't choose this one.

Oops..."your", not "our" dedication..

Once a great fan, until they turned into a bunch of Hypocrites.

I second jpaul: There may be more depressing things than bad pundits talking seriously about comedy, but Matthews as Abbot and the WaPo drone as Costello are enough to put a dark cloud over any day. Look up lameness in the dictionary and perhaps you'll see their pictures.

Incidentally, perhaps for you of the gen-x or gen-y persuasion, the song in the parody is one of the great political lyrics of all time; original discussed here.

Incidentally, perhaps for you of the gen-x or gen-y persuasion

Did it ever dawn on you that one's opinion has little to do with one's age or gender or nationality?

Perhaps me, Being Between the Gen-X and Gen-Y persuasion, will go pick up Mr. Dylan's MARVELOUS Victoria's Secret "Love" album before I listen to such a mysterious song. I don't think my tiny brain can pick up music beyond 1980.

Well old man, I'll see your Dylan, with a Rage Against the Machine for insightful political lyrics.

And I'll raise you a Refused:

I got a bone to pick with capitalism and a few to break/ Grab us by the throat and shake the life away Human life is not commodity, figures, statistics or make believe/...Marginalise away the joy/ and sell us boredom/ And yeah, I like working, doing nothing and not making anything/ Blame the poor, blame the uneducated and blame the sick/ I've got a bone to pick, and a few to break

@magnolia electric: :)


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