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Elizabeth Edwards on Healthcare

Obama's healthcare plan is not a universal healthcare plan. It lacks mandates. Elizabeth Edwards favors Clinton's plan because it is universal and Barack's plan is not.

I'm convinced a healthcare policy without the mandates is only half a policy.—Elizabeth Edwards

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"Obama's healthcare plan is not a universal healthcare plan."

So what? Neither is Hillary's. Neither was Edwards'.

There is a world of difference between health INSURANCE and health CARE. To claim that what is being proposed here is a universal plan for the latter is a bastardization of the term.

All that is being proposed here is universal health insurance, and not even that really, because everyone would still have something different (different policies, costs, and standards). It's the same broken system that we have now, except we'd all have no choice but to be a part of it. Her proposal would not change the reality of a having a profit-based healthcare system. And-- unless I have misheard her (please do correct me if I am wrong)-- this is her endgame. She has no larger plans to repair this system, she simply believes that it will run smoother if we all are a part of it. This is either naive or corrupt.

Furthermore, in their debate in LA at the end of January, Sen. Obama said of Sen. Clinton's plan, "There's still going to be people who can't afford it [after subsidies]. And if they cannot afford it, then the question is, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to fine them? Are you going to garnish their wages? Those are questions that Sen. Clinton has not answered with respect to her plan." And to date she still has not answered that question.

Insurance is a product. It is unconstitutional to require a citizen to purchase a product... car insurance is difference... you are not required to own or drive a car. That is a privilege not a right.

Yes, we need a better healthcare plan. But this ain't it.

[PS- For the record, Obama's position on healthcare has been much more consistent at least.]

Here's the deal as I see it.

Hillary does have the better plan, although I wish it were even better (single payer). That said, Hillary is a polarizing figure and I feel it is likely that after four or eight years of president Clinton, we will be exactly where we are now except that the ranks of the uninsured will have grown by millions.

I think Obama's plan, by lacking mandates, will suffer from adverse selection that will result in higher costs and will leave some uninsured. Obama feels it's probably as far as we can go as a first step, but it's not very bold. That said, I feel Obama is more likely to be able to get the public to rally around some form of change and overcome special interests.

What we ultimately end up with is going to look a lot different than what anyone proposes.

There is a world of difference between health INSURANCE and health CARE.

Thank You. Would that every conversation about health care began with this clear proviso. A health insurance plan is as much about health care as ethanol is about the environment: not a lot. Only incidentally, really.

I support Obama more than Clinton. But his health plan is as distracted by the red herring of "health coverage" as Clinton's plan is. These are really just insurance plans, not health plans. Both candidates are glorified insurance salesmen on this issue. You'd think Sicko hadn't even been made yet.

I don't much like either plan.

Both plans perpetuate unnecessary amounts of bureaucracy to administrate payments. It's not unlike the armies of accountants that are employed to do nothing else but work out how much taxes each citizen owes. What a waste.

Why can't we just assume tat all American citizens are covered equally, and be done with it?

Yep, and Edwards plan sucked for exactly the same reason.

I think mandates are BS.

Make the US population hand their money over to the insurance industry. That will no doubt produce a cost reduction and we are supposed to trust they will pass that savings on to us.

Yeah, remember how when gas prices went up and the oil industry saw their cost ratios change and they cut their prices? Oh yeah, me neither, but I imagine health insurance providers are much more moral people.

Lets see a plan for single payer. National programs for children and seniors are the first step. Then maybe Employer mandates with a national program for the unemployed.

Elizabeth Edwards is no longer the spouse of a candidate, why continue the Charade?

Elizabeth is just giving her tepid endorsement of Hillary, because Obama stole her husbands thunder and then didn't take her sage advice. Personal agenda not real public policy.

Am I wrong in thinking that Edwards was the only major candidate who was saying "It doesn't matter who has insurance if we don't regulate the health care industry and insurance companies"


One thing about this primary that I like is that Hillary and Barack are arguing over who has the better health care promises and who is better at ending this war in Iraq. I hope that whoever is elected, we all hold their feet to the fire on their promises.

However, considering how the war has bankrupted our country, I'm not that certain about "universal health care" and considering how the "stay the course" propaganda còntinues to be put forth by the MSM, I'm not holding my breath about and end to the war in Iraq, no matter if it's Hillary or Barack..



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