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Savage Reports

Dan Savage reports on the Republican Primary in South Carolina.

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Real Time w/Bill Maher
More Bill Maher video here



I love Dan Savage! His advice column is always entertaining, as well as his podcast:

That poor kid. Trying to rationalize the irrational "realities" imposed on him by his parents/community. I can just see his brain chugging as Dan points out at least one error in the "inerrant" Bible. Funny!!

I could be wrong, but I don't remember the bible actually saying that the sun revolves around the earth.

That is totally beyond scary

I could be wrong, but I don't remember the bible actually saying that the sun revolves around the earth.

These sites make a compelling case...

Thanks, Erick. I looked over the websites that you posted. To summarize all of the "geocentric" biblical verses that were listed on the websites, they basically all talked about the sun going up and the sun going down. This is the way that we heliocentrists speak colloquially about the sun, too. I still stand by my statement that the bible doesn't actually talk about the sun revolving around the earth. Even the notion that a spherical sun revolves around a spherical earth is beyond the understanding of people who wrote and redacted the bible. Instead, they left the bible sufficiently obfuscatory to allow anyone to support their own agendas. In this particular case, it is used to discriminate against homosexuals, whereas I could find plenty of biblical scriptures to support not discriminating against homosexuals.

The websites actually condoning geocentrism were entertaining, to say the least!


Dan Savage is great- he just calmly points out their irrationalities. I've been meaning to buy his book(s) for a while but keep forgetting. Thanks for posting this!

So the sin of 2 people is worst than the sin of 31 people. Even by their standards it doesn't make any sense. I bet if Savage had said someone killing to homosexuals vs. two homosexuals saving someone's life that guy would've preferred the killing rather than the saving of a life. Scary.


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