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You Voted for Bush? Twice

Lewis Black in Last Laugh 2007

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I honestly don't see why people find him funny. All he does is raise his inflection at the end of his sentences, waives his fingers and head around, and point out the obvious. The only times he's mildly amusing is in Back In Black on TDS.

He's funny to me because he expresses the "I'm sick and tired of this shit" kind of mentality. But then comedians can never please all of the people all of the time, of course. Also, comedy is a matter of personal taste.

And who are those people who voted twice for Bush?!

I think he's kinda lame when he's being restrained by censors. Every time I've seen him on TV he doesn't seem very comfortable with himself, and trying to behave just well enough. Some of his bits on the HBO specials are hilarious.

I have to be honest. I didn't immediately warm to Lewis Black but after a listen to quite a bit of his material and his delivery. I am now a bit of a fan. Few comedians are as comfortable when they have to restrain themselves. While a lot of Lewis' charac ter is about anger, when there is a subject that he is passionate about you can really feel it. Get hold of Red White and Screwed and see what you think, the part he does on Cheney and been openly lied to is excellent, but as always, each to their own.

My father loves him, my mother hates him... of course, my mother loves Law & Order and Josh Grobin and my father loves Boston Legal and South Park. It'a all a matter of taste I guess.

I applaud his humor to an extent. I have no problem with those who think I made a mistake in my voting rights to vote according to my conscience and not just with the flow of liberal thought.

I voted for Bush. Twice.


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