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Mac or PC

An award for the best fictional listener's letter. I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC. . .

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show



There was a time when I wondered if there was even a single Mac in use by anyone on the White House staff.

What could I have been thinking?

Novell has a funny spoof of the Mac/PC ads Here

I was a PC person my whole life, and switched to Mac about 3 years ago. Surprisingly, I didn't stay with Mac long, but used my freedom from Windows to try new operating systems.

I am now solely running Ubuntu linux on my Macbook, and can say that this computer runs Ubuntu much better than it can run OSX. I now run almost exclusively open source software, including (office suite), Gimp (Photoshop alternative), Inkscape (Illustrator alternative), evolution/thunderbird (email clients), firefox, and many others. While sometimes not as polished as some of the commercial alternatives, I find all of them more than sufficient for my needs as a biologist.

The whole open source community is something great to be a part of: Freedom from corporate exploitation, freedom from overpriced software, freedom from pirated software. I have learned so much about computers from using Ubuntu and other open source software that I finally feel like I have gained control over my computer.


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