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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




Wow! An embarrassment of riches today. The Slate refund satire was pretty funny. The Rushton link was most interesting. I actually attended the Rushton-Suzuki debate at the University of Western Onatrio (my old alma mater). Unfortunately Suzuki came completely unarmed. Other than ranting about Rushton he pretty much had nothing. If you follow the threads there are much more rigorous critiques of his work without the histrionics. The taser thread also caught my eye. Taser is starting to sound like a cigarette company from a couple of generations ago. Absolutely no connection between their product and all those dead people

Slate is owned by the Washington Post, which could explain a lot.

"Classical Bookworm: Crash Course in Classics on BBC3"

Golly Gosh this had me worried!

Fact is that BBC3 is a Digital TV channel aimed largely at the "Yoof" market (check it out : ) hardly likely to be dishing out the Classics. The link does refer to BBC Radio 3 in the text, however, but that was slightly late for my convulsive ticker.


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