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Chomsky on Iran

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If anything should be bombed, it should Dimona in Israel.

That is where Israel produces its bomb material.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but on the program NCIS, there is a character Ziva who is a criminal spy for Mossad, but who is presented in a positive light.

The Israel-first lobby strikes again.


Chomsky has such remarkable understanding of the world yet he remains even beyond his future death, powerless. Maybe his personal approach to our world could have been executed in a less passive way.

As ever, Prof Chomsky makes some good points, but he did get one thing wrong. He mentions the Russian invasion of Afganistan. The thing is, the Russians didn't invade. They reluctantly sent troops to aid the Kabul government quell an uprising. Initially the Soviets turned down requests for troops, however this made several of their Warsaw Pact allies nervous. The uprising in Afganistan started when the government tried to breakup the feudal system of the warlords. So the irony of the Afgan war was that the US was supporting people fighting for feudalism against those fighting for democratic reform.

I was a school kid when all this happened. My class happened to be studying Afganistan when the Soviet troops first entered the fray. Overnight, the mujahadeen went from being "Backward religious loons" to "Couragious freedom fighters".

Malcolm, It's not Chomsky who is wrong.

It's you.

Go read the excellent "The Great War for Civilisation" by Robert Fisk.

Overnight, the mujahadeen went from being "Backward religious loons" to "Couragious freedom fighters".

Nonsense. We've always been at war with Eastasia.*

This could be a transcript "video" eliminates low=bandwidth users. The download doesnt play (real,quicktime,windowsmedia) So I cant see/hear/read this. What is teh point of a still picture of NC and a caption "voice of" ???

First, "senoir news editor" :-P

Secondly, I think that Prof. Chomsky is a very intelligent guy, and I really wish he could be making these points on a more mainstream news channel.


What point that I made are you saying is wrong?

Did the Soviets ever attempt to take control of Afganistan?

What were the Mujahadeen fighting for?

Hm the US is trying to sell India civilian nuclear technology. Im not sure why chomsky uses the phrase 'nuclear weapons' while mentioning the india deal..

Ur right US should bomb Israel nuclear installations, Mossad is a criminal organization that go there impune killing and kidnapping ppl like the one that told the world in 70's about Israel nuclear program

Chomsly rules he knows everything about US Empire, Read Failed state his latest book, sometimes is hard to know and read the truth

"If anything should be bombed, it should Dimona in Israel."

"Ur right US should bomb Israel nuclear installations, Mossad is a criminal"

Someone's being fair and balanced. Putting the shoe on the other foot and tying the shoe-laces together. Empires, like millipedes, have to walk the walk, not stop and think. Someone's trying to trip U.S. up.

Someone better stop it and shut up or the "Defense" department might get retooled for a war on global warming, a carbonless economy Manhattan project or something.

After extensive research I have located a location for the real Israel, Australia. Why not? It is the most overpopulated continent (by sustainable ecology), dessicated, but most important, great location. Outbeck, Sandy Desert, Perth, Perfect. Drip agriculture, not-necessarily-shrimp on the Bobbie, think about it, but,

don't impeach the Millipede.

After extensive research I have located a location for the real Israel, Australia. Why not?

maybe because the aussies had nothing to do with the holocaust?

I think it was Michael Moore who proffered the idea that the Jewish Homeland should be Bavaria - now there's a prime piece of real estate!

or something to that effect...

The attempted colonization of the mid-east should've been (and should be) avoided. That's where all the problems started (that and oil - and the monotheistic tradition).

Too late now. The war on terror has given every country in the region a good excuse to keep various forms of apartheid going. Now that Israel has the WALL, they're willing to talk peace...

I'm a little disappointed in your response one evo emo - it didn't sound like you - it wasn't very poetic...

  • John Barleycorn, f.k.a. Heavenisin your_mind; the name was too awkward. You can call me John or you can call me Barley or you can call me corn(y), sorry for the bad pun.


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