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Rook to Queen's Knight One, Bitch '

A 37-year-old policeman, "Anti-Terror" Frank Stoldt from Berlin, won the first Light-Heavyweight World Championship title in chessboxing after defeating American David "Double D" Depto at the Berlin Tape Club yesterday. After a grueling battle, a checkmate in round seven produced a clear victor.

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Josh (searching for Bobby Fisher) Waitzkin thinks that it is a bad idea for chess players to take hits to the head.

It's hard to imagine something stupider

"It's hard to imagine something stupider"

I must agree. After taking repeated blows to the head, I doubt that one would perform well at all during a game of chess. During a boxing match, one would most likely be thinking about one's past and future moves in the chess game.

In other words, it sounds like a recipe for mediocrity.

Actually, it is not hard too imagine something stupider. There is always Fox Newsiness.

Brian Kilmeade advocates the U.S. organizing car bombings in Iran.

He must have got a memo from Cheney.

Lol, anyone see the movie Basketball? this reminds me of the begining of that movie where they try to mix baseball adn football.


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