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The Flying Spaghetti Monster

"Flying Spaghetti Monster" Religious Group Turning Heads at MSU
Additional information on the Flying Spaghetti Monster is available here

The national "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" has a local chapter at MSU, and it's sending a strong message to students on campus.

It’s the second-largest religious group on Missouri State's campus, with more than 200 members, including MSU staff.

It's a student organization Jeffrey Markus wanted to be a part of as an MSU student.

“For the people that are not heavily into a religion it feels like a real welcome movement because here on campus there's a lot of people who are very confused on what they believe and on what they want to do."
(tip to David)

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Lol, this is awesome. I joined their Facebook's up over 16,000 members right now.

Also interesting is that I used to live in the Ozarks region of Missouri, and Missouri State University is probably 30 minutes from where I lived.

I should see about setting up a local chapter at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse where I go to school.

I don't get it. Yes, it is poking fun at religion but is nothing more than just another organized group with members that just want to belong. If they are not careful they might end up Scientologist…or worst, Mormons.


Greetings To All Ontario Voters,

If you live in Ontario, then you are likely aware that there is currently an election going on and that the major issue is one of faith-based funding in Ontario schools. The Conservative party would like to finally open up the public education system to all of the faiths in the world - including Pastafarianism. Imagine a day when your children can sing, play and dance with their Pastafarian brethren in between classes; imagine a time when our religious beliefs may be taught at the schools where your children attend. This is indeed a very exciting time in Ontario.

However, the Liberal party would not extend funding to Pastafarian schools if elected. Why does Dalton McGuinty oppose Pastafarianism? Why would he oppose our right to impart our Pastafarian beliefs on our children through the public school system?

I am hereby launching a campaign for Pastafarianism in our public schools, and am asking for your support. First of all, you need to vote for John Tory on October 10th to allow this to happen, as the intolerant Liberal party will never let us launch any Pastafarian schools. Secondly, please send me your email address; I will keep it in a safe place so that when the time comes for us to sign a petition and bring it into Queen’s Park we will be able to quickly do so. Thirdly, please spread the word so that the number of potential signatures may grow as quickly as possible.

I am deeply committed to seeing a publicly funded Pastafarian school board in Ontario and hope that I can count on your support. Please send all email addresses to Expect a reply only once John Tory has implemented his faith-based funding program.

I will not sell your email addresses, nor will I provide them to any third-party at all - not ever, ever, ever, ever. If you’re worried then give me your spam addy; but there’s no reason to be worried.

May The Noodley-One Be With You, Jason Parent

Hey this is Jeffrey from the video... I have to say, i am quite shocked with the overwhelming support we have gotten from people around the us, and for that matter, around the world. This thing is growing bigger and bigger by the moment, and i dont have any clue where its headed.

If it is said that the CoFSM pokes fun at other religions then it should also be noted that all religions poke fun at reason.

Welcome Jeffrey, anyone who has been touched by the noodly appendage is welcome at onegoodmove.

Can you believe that one of my friends' former philosophy teacher actually thought it was a legit religion? Steamloler!

You should not laugh at the Noodly One. He gave us his only begotten son Alfredo, born of the virgin Penne, to absorb all of our sins.

that has got to be the longest laugh I have had... oh for feck-sake... every time they say spaghetti monster, I cant stop laughing its just to much!

Jeffery asks, "What should Pastafarians become?"

You might have an ethic which guides members to a state as wholesome and community-building as a spaghetti supper.

You might have a metaphysics based on string theory, and perhaps suggest that scientists have neglected the meatball. You could call it the meatball theory of creationism.

For fun you could speak in tongues with your mouths full of spaghetti.

"If they are not careful they might end up Scientologist…or worst, Mormons."

No. For two primary reasons:

  1. CoFSM members understand that their religion is a fabrication

  2. CoFSM members demand rational explanations for everything; Scientology and Mormonism do not.

What about us Vegans? What does the great flying spaghetti monster have to say about lentil-bolognese ? Will we be cast from the saucepan of heaven into the firey crock-pot of hell?

What about coeliacs? Does gluten free pasta count?

Excellent interview. I love how they tippy-toed around it and treated it as a "genuine" religion. It certainly deserves every bit as much respect as any other type of religious claptrap.

...all religions poke fun at reason.

Damned well put. Although in fairness, "poke fun" is a bit of an understatement -- "attacks" would be more accurate I reckon.

My pizza dough won't rise properly... I'm wondering if I should pray to the noodly one?

Wiki says "The first public exposure of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its eponymous deity can be dated to January 2005"

I remember tales of the Flying Spaghetti Monster from my childhood in the 60s, but I don't recall Him as a deity. I can't remember anything, but the name actually.

Does anyone recall His prior History?

FSM is fun - and thought provoking - stuff, but this segment taken out of context made it seem as if the news crew was taking everything a tad too seriously. I mean hate mail after all!

Nice response, Robert S.


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