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Bill Maher - New Rules

Give me liberty or give me a blanky and a hug. Bill on the freedoms we surrender to the fear-monger in chief.

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The bit about lou dobbs was awesome.

Awesome as usual. I wish I could get Bill Maher's show up here.

It's so interesting that, while he criticizes Bush for using terrorism as his fear-mongering tool, he (and the dems too) also do his own fear-mongering by using global warming.

I liked Fearmonger in Chief.

Fearmonger in Chief. Have I heard that before?

How is global warming fear mongering? It's something much more substantial than say, Michael Chertoff's gut.

uh oh.. global warming coming!
The dems will protect us! They just need undeniable access to the army to attack some country. The right to illegally wire tap any one. The freedom to torture polluters and don't ask questions or you are unamerican.

Ya, for some reason I'm just not seeing the resemblance.

I agree that global warming could be described as fear mongering.

However what is called for should be regarded as a good thing anyway; "hey, let's not destroying our planet quite so quickly".

Since (of course) it will cut into profits, it will be fought to the death.

Hardly compares with Bush & company's fear mongering in order to kill untold thousands, steal our freedoms & double the national debt.

But what's life, liberty, & few trillion one way or the other anyway?

Yes, the intention is supposedly good, but the result may be some nightmaric Socialist legislations that would have Karl Marx rolling in his grave and pissing in his pants. That's what the dems are interested in anyway; stopping the war is not very high up in their priorities.

Well unlike the war on terror, globle warming has a bit more evidents to prove that it is real thret. Im 22 years old and I already seen a big change here in Nova Scotia. Last year we had about 30 days tops of snow on the ground (not all in a row) last year. I rember ice fishing when I was 13 on a Lahavie river ice fish compatistion. That was in 1998. Scene 2001 that river hasen't seen enough ice to even stand on anymore. My grand mother remebers play on ice cakes when she was a kid. Ice cakes are giant chucks of ice in the water but unable to move because its all beached or jamed together by other ice. This was in Blue Rocks, salt water ocean front. Salt water is very hard to freaze. Theres a fresh water pond there that has'nt seen ice for more then a week in the winter time and my Dad played hokey on it as a kid. Now how am I sappose to belief that this is the normal pace of which the earths cools and warms and not caused by pollution? Unless we got a huge valcanno go off or a metor hit us climit just does'nt change that fast. I sould not be able to wear shorts in febuary and march and not get frost bite. Also I havent seen a white Xmis for over 6 years.

Global Warming is the planet returning to a natural state of climat chaos, as opposed to the unsually calm and predictable weather we've had the past few thousand years.


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