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A Blast From The Past

A month before the war began Janeane Garofalo hands Brian Kilmeade his ass.

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The last point she made was the best. Kilmeade invites a celebrity on his kangaroo court talk show, then slams her for being a celebrity. "So why don't you invite on someone you respect?", she asks. Of course she knows the answer: 'Because then we wouldn't be able to label people questioning the war in the "hollywood elite" category.' What is really pitiful is the fact that the "celebrity" had it all right, and the American Enterprise think tank neocon "experts" and liberal hawks like Thomas Friedman and Michael O'Hanlon had it all wrong.

I have newfound respect for her. On any factual point, she ruled the day. I'd like to bitchslap that jackass - I don't think she finished more than a sentence or two. Her comments on how the questions are framed are spot-on too.

I can't even explain how angry it made me to watch that. I could only watch it bit by bit, because all at once it would have been too much. But hats off to Janeane, she was very graceful while being attacked by a complete piece of garbage. Seriously, that dude is such an asshole.

Has Brian Kilmeade been fired yet for being wrong about every goddamn thing?!

Whoa, wooohaaah! Damn! That was good. That was really good.

My two reactions have already been described -- a newfound respect, and also anger; Fox News truly is trivial evil.

It really pains me to watch these people talk this trash =\ I really wish that these guys would look back on themselves and say something constructive about their failure to actually report the news or debate properly.

Fox News - the only way to skin a cat, live every afternoon at 5. We are right because you can't talk.

Beautiful. We need more circulation of stuff like this to reveal how Fox and friends had it all wrong and framed everything falsely. Downside is, I feel like physically assaulting someone after watching that.

What struck me is just how incredibly prescient she seems today. That time was so ugly. I personally felt like I had to raise my voice to as many as I could because the consequences would prove too dire not to have made every effort. Damn lot of good it did me, but boy howdy, this piece is an elegant little tole-you-so.


You mean she hands black-haired guy who isn't brown-haired guy who isn't Steve Doocy his ass, right?

Q) What do you get when you put bigots on TV?

A) A show on Fox News.

P.S.: Norm, the anonymous commenting has stopped working for me recently!

Annonymous commenting, hmm it's working for me.

Well never mind, I got myself a typekey a/c.


I've never heard of either of these people before, but Janeane Garofalo was, of course, right. War is almost never the answer to anything, it just replaces previous questions with newer ones.

Shes sexy as hell. but jesus christ how do these people live with themselves after crap like this. They just frame the questions, to make it so you cant answer without agreeing with them: dont the iraqis deserve a chance to be free? Wouldnt the world be better off without saddam? Why do you hate children and rainbows?

Owell thank god the surge is working or this war might go on forever....

Hey Norm PLEASE change this post to read "the black haired guy who's not Steve Ducy" - BK is such a reflexive shill for Bush he doesn't deserve the dignity of getting his name used.


This video may stand for a very long time as the ultimate indictment of the utter debasement of our nation in the Iraq debacle. Garofolo WAS, after all, just a celebrity, just an entertainer, if particularly articulate and intelligent, and yet, in the face of hostile and aggressive interrogation, she calmly and utterly demolishes the myopic, belligerent, willful delusion of so many of the establishment experts, thinkers, policy-makers, commentators, reporters, and opinon makers of this nation, a demolition which, in retrospect, was nothing less than prescient and based simply on her willingness to be well-informed - her willingness to be well-informed. It is enough to make one weep.

What is it with conservatives; a difficulty grasping nuance? An anger management problem? A simpler innacurate view of complex issues? Or the desire to vent childish feelings of anger over the inability to understand complex issues?

It is amazing the way how well these people discuss... They twist the truth, the don't let you talk, they shout, they oversimplify everything, it is just fucking amazing how well it works. Are they trained or is it something that comes with their mindset?

Oddly, I did a quick search and found records from that time talked about on a rightwing blog. Add some resistors to your irony-meters if you don't want to break them:

"Ooh, Janeane Garofalo got her ass kicked on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network. Brian Kilmeade was somewhat -- ah -- less than deferential to the august pronouncements of Ms. Garofalo. It almost makes me wish I had cable teevee so I could have watched this."

This was at once frustrating and wonderful. Thank you for dredging it up and posting it, Norm.

Wow - Janeane! How amazing she was and how sad there was absolutely no room for discussion or debate.

There was an opportunity to really get some questions asked and answered here but why do that? Why treat your audience with any respect? I guess that's what Fox fans like.... And - whatever that guy's name is - what an incredibly pathetic loser...

I have newfound respect for her.

Ditto. I found her really annoying for a while -- I even thought she was a poor debater -- but here she is really, really good.

Interviewers talking over the answers to the questions they just asked is what passes for a debate on Faux News?

I have to give credit to Garofolo for toughing it out with this numbskull. Being Australian I'd be more likely to react like Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins and silently wait until the interviewer had finished asking rhetorical questions before attempting any answer. Then I'd have the choice of either talking loudly over their rude interjections during my answer or giving up and walking off.

Yep, if I lived in America I'd be pissed about the wait on handguns also.


It´s not prescience, it´s common sense. Just about every true liberal opposed the war from the beginning for the exact reasons that it has turned into the nightmare that it is. I defy anyone to find a conservative who predicted that the Iraq War would be this costly—in dollars and lives—this long, and this unsuccessful. We need more trips down memory lane like this video clip to show the American people just how wrong the neo-cons were.

As far as Fox goes, liberals should not participate in this propaganda sham. If they want to distort the truth and lie, let them do it without the false veneer of balance that is provided by liberal patsies who go on their shows.

Thanks for posting this and keep doing it, please.

In the future, as historians sift through the massive pile of recorded and written data from this era, they will prove—as most of us already know—that the loss of objectivity by news organizations like FOX News, The National Review, et al., which are nothing more than propaganda wings of pure ideological purpose, will die by the same word with which they lived. You can only lie and obfuscate so much before you choke on your own bile.

It's rather embarrassing to watch how utterly wrong the frothing-at-the-mouth righties were then, and now. What's even funnier is their complete lack of guilt—hell, even recognition—of how wrong they've been. Nothing proves the futility of fanatical polemics and ideology than the utter loss of recognizing reality, coupled with a complete refusal to admit one is wrong. As Winston Churchill once stated, “a fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and will not change the subject.”

The German writer Günther Grass, who was a young and fanatical SS soldier in the Nazi war machine in WW II, wrote of his almost insane refusal as a POW, when confronted by his American captors with the truth of the abject depravity of the Nazi Empire (they showed him photos of the Holocaust and other atrocities committed by the Nazis), to believe his beloved German regime would do these horrible things he was being shown.

This is what fanaticism breeds, this complete lack of doubt and a refusal to believe facts that are antithetical to the “purity” of a fanatic’s cause. I am not saying the current American Right are Nazis, but when you watch this video clip, you can clearly see signs of the ugly fanaticism that poisoned so many German minds in the Nazi era. What you see is the complete lack of doubt, the arrogant disdain for restraint and compromise, and the remarkably childish expression of thought. Religious and ideological fanatics all exhibit this alarmingly irrational behavior.

But the record speaks for itself. Res ipsa loquitur. You can watch old tapes of news shows, or read the archives of every right-wing blog from 2002, and find how laughably wrong these people were at every turn. Five years later in Iraq we're still mired in the madness and mess these maniacs created, and they STILL refuse to admit its futility.

As I said, history will not be kind to these morons.

"Günther Grass, who was a young and fanatical SS soldier in the Nazi war machine in WW II" that's not true.

"Günther Grass, who was a young and fanatical SS soldier in the Nazi war machine in WW II" that's not true.
-- Anonymous

While you're enjoying yourself, and the freedom of expression that is extended to you -- why dontcha go ahead and back up your argument also? I mean, we can all babble, rave and rant, anonymously -- but well, golly gosh darn it -- some of us like to be honest. And sensible.

Dear "Anonymous":

Goodness gracious, this is the Internet Age, and there's this wonderful tool called Google.

Just type this in the search bar:

"Gunther Grass" "Waffen SS"

And it yields such things as this.

And there's more. Not true? Just Google it.

I've never heard of Janeane Garofalo before but she really held her own during this "interview". It made me think back to the arguments I had in the months up to the invasion.

I have a question to ask, and it's a serious one:

This video is taken from a live feed. Are there people (amateurs) that tape Fox (and other channels) 24/7 in the hopes of cutting out relevant clips 4 or 5 years down the line?

My question is, what is the real source of these videos - are the networks releasing them as part of some sort of media war?

I guess it would be fine either way, I'm just curious as to how these things surface.

.. I suppose it's possible some Garofalo fan taped it. ..?

gotta love questions like: "don't you think Iraqi's deserve a chance at freedom"

classic example of pro-war conservative non-argument arguments.


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