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A clip from the movie Bulworth . It just seems like the right thing to follow Oprah.

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wtf cringe thanks for reminding me of "mc karl rove".

When are Kucinich's impeachment proceedings going to start?

That is hilarious, maybe they'll listen the lefty torturuos way!!! :D

Stop it. It's making me Republican.

Do Republicans want campaign finance reform?

that is great. never seen the movie, but will obviously be checking it out.

It's not a bad flick. Without giving away any spoilers, the basic idea is that this politician decides to kill himself, and as such, also decides he doesn't give a shit about his political career, so he figures he might as well speak the truth...

And one of the more shocking truths he speaks, is to the black community -- I can't remember how he puts it, but it basically amounts to "Put your support behind genuine, sincere leaders, rather than fake, hypocritical characters like Sharpton and Jackson."



I agree with max udargo.

did he say "they give you nappy dugout"?


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