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The Earth is Flat

No evolution, the earth may be flat, the new View co-host Sherri Shepherd is an idiot. (tip to Chris)

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The I'm really not that stupid follow-up. I don't think it helped.

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This is how you know you've fed your children too much, lol. Good find.

Wow. That was horrifying.

That shit is making me sick :(

I don't think she is such a retard, I think everyone in the public eye specially in the conservative side is scared of saying, science. And this woman is so scared than she even dodges the most elemental truth, one anyone can prove taking flight.

Holy shit, and I thought Miss Teen South Carolina was stupid.

I saw nothing more than a very poor effort at humor, and a confirmation of why I haven't watched television in over two years (if it weren't for Norm, I wouldn't see anything from the box!). That said, if I were a woman, I'd be fairly pissed. Most women I know would spit at this coffee-klatch stereotyped garbage. I seem to remember Whoopi in particular being a little more astute than this, but that was years ago when I last saw her on the air.

If she was trying to be funny (which I sincerely doubt) I wasn't laughing in the least. How is it people so incredibly moronic are allowed on TV?

As a science teacher, the part where she said it wasn't important to her because she was just trying to survive and feed her family really hit home. Not only is it just a painful lack of curiosity or fascination with the world, but also being wrapped up in our rat-racing little lives that causes this lack of connection with science and nature. It's scary and disheartening and I face it every day, even with some of my best students. I guess there are still those "aha" moments that keep me going.

I always felt that the cast from The View comprised simply of mildly dense, gossip-laden hens bickering about nothing for hours on end, but never would I have imagined they were this bad. The problem here is that they attempt to tackle science the way they do their religious beliefs: through faith. The result? Replay the video and witness the outcome.

Even if one were to argue that pictures of the Earth were government forgeries done through the magic of Photoshop, or that every pilot and sailor is in some kind of global conspiracy about international travel with no apparent motivation, or that the size of shadows cast down on buildings are uniform throughout, you could still do observations that don't even take (complex?) mathematical calculations of circumferences or studying gravitational theory which would immediately crumble an argument for a flat earth where the center would collapse.

The thing I find most frustrating from nihilistic mentalities such as Sherri's is that they don't question in the same way a rational person would in order to understand the nature of the reality. They question by concocting alternative hypotheses (that fall like a deck of cards) and claim that since something can't be proven absolutely, nothing can be known. She not only stops there, but then goes on to conform to apathy and not have any desire whatsoever to investigate on the claim that there are more important things in life than finding out whether the Earth is indeed spherical or not, like feeding her children. Funny how she does have a lot of time for celebrity gossip though.

Norm said it best: Sherri Shepherd is an idiot.

My goodness. I had no idea that you could really hide behind the skirts of the argument "but I'm a mom" in order to dodge even the most basic of knowledge.

I must admit, though, that my curiosity is piqued in regards to what the interview process was like in bringing in this latest View host. Do they check a box on the application indicating that they're a proud moron?

Whoopi would be better served by going back to being Center Square.

Stupid or not i think Sherri Shepherd represents your average Christian American. After spending most of my life in the NC, GA this is the way alot of people think. Most people are to engaged with trying to survive than to be concerned about the way the universe works. If people were concerned about their surroundings and knowledge, the world would be a better place.

As a science teacher, the part where she said it wasn't important to her ... really hit home... and I face it every day, even with some of my best students.

That's right, and as a professor who has taught thousands of college freshmen in introductory chemistry classes, I still see it. This isn't new - as 2mellow indicates, to a lot of people, science, math, and any kind of rational analysis are simply foreign to their approach to the world.

I once read an Ann Landers letter in which some reader had done a basic arithmetic calculation that explained to a previous reader why it was economical to turn the lights off in a room if you were leaving for more than a minute. Ann Landers felt perfectly comfortable revealing the fact that she found "all that math to be way too complicated" to actually follow, but she thanked the reader for sending it in. The point is, not only was she not able to follow the explanation, but she felt no shame at all in revealing that she was unable to do math she should have mastered in 4th grade. People hide their illiteracy, but to be utterly clueless about science and nature is not a source of embarrassment to a large number of citizens.

That "I'm a mom, so I don't care" argument is offensively specious. Even if I had three children, that wouldn't mean my brain had turned off and I no longer cared about even the most rudimentary facts of the world -- and I hate the implied "oh, we're girls, we should be more concerned with our babies -- leave the facts to the boys who have more time" crap.

Furthermore, my boyfriend was a full-time parent to his son for the first 6 years, and even though he had a full schedule of changing diapers and preparing food and toting him around to pre-school, etc., he most certainly not only gave a shit whether the earth is round or flat, but took every opportunity to teach his child to also want to learn about the world and be able to use critical thinking while doing it.

I could barely watch that clip without a massive sense of indignation. No more The View for me, clearly.

so the next time my very intelligent wife talks about having children I must show her this clip so that she can get a taste of what happens to your brain after child birth. :)

I've given birth therefore I am stupid???

This is a perfect example why I too do most of my TV viewing on this site.

"hey sherri, what's 2 + 2?" i dont have time to answer a question like that, im a mom!

This was probably one of the most annoying clip I have seen in a while. There is no defense for being a moron and not knowing rudimentary scientific fact. But I wouldn’t expect any better for some one who believes in fairytale(bible). There are so many verses that firmly state the earth is flat.

I'm a single dad (and by single, I mean full time custodial... mom isn't around at all) of a 6 year old girl with some special medical needs.

I live well below the poverty line.

I'm gonna play the "one up" game here and call bullshit on this Sherri Shepherd. Given that she is in a freakin' television studio for the better part of her day, I'm going to make the assumption that she isn't thinking about how to feed her kids or take care of her family. Not in the same way millions of other parents do.

I get my kid up every morning, unhook her from her feeding pump, clean her up, get her dressed, give her medications, mix her lunch (she only "eats" liquids) and get her to school by 8:20. While she's at school, I spend my day drumming up poorly paying freelance design work, selling stuff on ebay, scheduling doctors' appointments, and doing domestic chores. At night, there's homework, play-time, story-time, bath, medicines, and bed.

At least 4 days every month are spent in a doctor's office or operating room. Many days are spent at home nursing a cold or ear infection or stomach problem.

We make lots of time to go out enjoy our life. We play, we bond, we laugh and we learn.

And yet, I still find time to educate myself and my daughter about science. It's important. Hell, my kid most certainly would not be alive if it weren't for it (call me whacky, but I think the machines and meds kept her alive when she was born at 1 lb 6 oz... not the "prayers" of well-intended friends and family). There's also that whole thing of being able to use reason to overcome life's obstacles.

I resent this woman. She has no idea what it's like to try to survive, and yet uses this lame excuse for ignorance. I'd like for her to step in to my shoes for even one day, and tell me after that how she can be too busy "surviving" to not even learn the basics of science.

Sorry for the rant. Vapid people really get my dander up.

When are they going to invite atheists and scientists onto the show?

Probably you guys have some good suggestions for Whoopie.

There are probably some good women in the categories over at scienceblogs who could explain astronomy, math, and imaginary beings beyond the stars.

This is so offensive in so many ways but I think what I hate the most is the whole woman stupidity vibe. This really gets into the woman-should-be-a-wife-and- mother-and-not-worry-about- those-big-important-things mentality that - as you can see - is as often propagated by a woman as it is by a man. And, like one of the other readers said - isn't that nice to hear from some celeb that has done everything they could to not be sitting at home with their children (wasn't that other host a Survivor? You know they eat and do all kinds of tasks to stay on the show.)

And - her brain blew up when they asked her? I promise you - at no time do I not know the Earth is a sphere - not some flat pancake with people falling off the edge into -- what? Does she know about space on her good days or will she forget that, too, if we ask her at the wrong time.

It's hard to say why they brought this Sherri on. Are they trying to attract some niche Ghetto Evangelicals?
They shouldn't be putting women like that on TV. Especially a black woman. First of all, it's reinforcing black stereotypes for dumb white people and worst of all it's telling black women it's OK to be stupid. If Sherri can do it, so can I!

The excuse is always that it's just entertainment, but that's pretty lame. A program can be fun and intelligent - look at Jon Stewart's ratings. This show earns enough money in advertising to be able to afford to put together a group of women who are both intelligent and have opposing viewpoints. It's a shame they only have Barbara Walters and Whoopi to represent.

Whoopi is a great addition to the show - maybe after they added her they thought they needed a "balance". "We've got an intelligent black woman on the program and now we need to find a really dumb one".

I think she was just being stubborn more than anything, once people who dont believe in evolution start to admit they believe other parts of science, their arguement will fall like a house of cards and they know that. Every advancement humans have ever made invovled science...

Turn. Off. The. Television.

Well it's no wonder she 'doesn't believe in evolution,period!'...she's far far far too stupid to even begin to understand even the definition of the word.

She JUST got on the show officially, and now she's going to be known as an idiot forever...however I do think this will help the show and increase ratings. Everyone will be watching her now hanging on her words to find something stupid to add to the compilation of her stupidity that will eventually be on youtube.

Sherri is an idiot. That's not meant to be an ad hominem. She just is. It's a scientific fact. When politicians say "Americans (or fill in the blank) are smart" they are really thinking "Americans are for the most part stupid and intellectually lazy." For Sherridiot to say she doesn't know if the earth is flat or evolution is the way life came about, she's just being a lazy dumbass because I can guarantee you she knows that Halle Berry is pregnant and Britney is fat and OJ got arrested. Americans seem to have the time to be informed about junk, but they "don't have time" to learn about reality. It's why twice Americans elected a cretin for president instead of someone who could have made them proud.

And btw, Whoopi rules. Love her.

I find it hard to believe that some folks can actually watch this show on a daily basis. Did you hear Walter's pandering ass: "certainly the Bible is to respected and beloved" [make serious face to camera]. The Bible gave that Sherri woman false ideas about the origin of the universe, and perhaps the Earth's shape. The Bible need not be beloved.

If they should have anyone on the show it should be Neil deGrasse Tyson. These people need their minds opened to the world with the force of a sledgehammer and he's the man to do it.

"hey sherri, what's 2 + 2?" i dont have time to answer a question like that, im a mom!

That's it, whenever anyone asks me a simple question from now on I'll reply by saying, "I don't have time to answer a question like that, I'm a mom!" Simple copout to try in life.


I love OGM but this video on this site is unnecessary.

I like this! I can heretofore say, "but i'm just a lefty artist and I'm too busy to read about all of this shit and it is too taxing for my wittle brain!"... And besides, I'm too busy drinking my latté and worring about my Prius.. (okay, so I used to drive an old gas-guzzling pickup truck that I recently sold... but, no matter)

But Erick, you're a young male, and you're not an artist, so no excuses.

Anyone else feel as if watching this might cause serious mental damage?

When people thought the earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together. -- Isaac Asimov

I've got to think that a steady diet of this sort of pablum does create cognitive impairment. Add to that a failing education system and look what you get, a president with an IQ of 90 and a population that loved it that way.

Awww. She had to defend her ridiculous beliefs in public. The poor thing.

Was it God's design to give her those "head poopy" moments? If so, then that God doesn't seem to crafty.

Bruk-- If you're around, I honestly think you should write that comment to the show. I think these people are completely out of touch.

There are probably some good women in the categories over at scienceblogs who could explain astronomy, math, and imaginary beings beyond the stars.

They could get Danica Mckellar on the show to sort that out (if they haven't done so already)

The thing is simple. They are out of maps :)


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