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Gaffes are US

Bush goes into gaffe overdrive
And here is John Howard inspecting the troops in, yes, Austria.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann




...and don't forget to tip your waitress.

What a fucking idiot Bush is. I am so ashamed to be associated with this Christ-Fag, bent on Holy Crusade and who calls himself an "American".

And NO, I am not homophobic - I use the term to depict a fawning freak of nature who is unnatural and loathsome.

Ah, so this is what Dzwonka was talking about on another thread.

I think that bit about the water flushing in a differnt direction in Australia is an urband legend though.

Ah, Google is so much help. Sure enough it's an urban legend.

Apparently water in a drain does not cover enough north/south distance to be affected, unlike large air masses which are affected by the Coriolis effect.

You know, the brilliant thing about being that stupid is that he probably does not realize just how dumb he really is. Ignorance is bliss.


The was the breast Bush blunder of the week.

Whoops! What was on my mind when I said that. I wonder...

I'm sure associating the word fag with unnatural freaks will make every gay person jump with joy.

That wasn't a bulnder at all. He said OPEC on purpose.. it was supposed to be a joke. After all.. who is now taking control of middle east oil. exactly the kind of sick joke he would make.

That wasn't a blunder at all. He said OPEC on purpose.. it was supposed to be a joke. After all.. who is now taking control of middle east oil. exactly the kind of sick joke he would make.

I wrote a haiku about this sort of thing earlier this week, though I was referring to another blunder:

Laura always smiles: George Bush must have a long dick, Keeps stepping on it.

Damn, Bush is just a gift that keeps on giving. You know, I have a deep respect for Bush for creating so many jobs for comedians, and continuously giving them new, fresh material. If there's an upside to this administration, that's it.

What are they going to do when he leaves? They will be out of jobs. To me this would be a great thing for Rudy Guliani to run on. He'll keep the material fresh, and comedians will be able to keep their jobs.

But as Conan O'Brien pointed out this Friday: You will get more laughs out of the truth, then you get from the joke.

wow, this dumb man is the leader of the so called "free world".

i would like to know the percentage of us citizens who know the diffrence between austria and australia. is not a matter of IQ, just being blind to the rest of the world and repeat like a mantra "us number 1".

also i find arrogant that us citizens in general talk about themselves as "americans" and their country is "america".

america is the whole continent. not just the us.

i live in argentina, a country thats in the south part of the american continent.

i hope the good and inteligent people that visit this site dont get offended by this but is a small thing that bothers me a lot.

we are all americans. we live in the american continent.

the us is the united states of america. your country name in spanish is "estados unidos" and that how we call you.

Despite the person who represents us, we're not retards. Don't get confused. The only people challenging our intelligence are rednecks and bible bangers who believe the earth is 6,000 years old (which pretty much includes HALF of our representatives, so I can see where the world could be mislead.) But I will be sure to use the United States instead of America next time, I never understood that either.

If you want to look knowledgeable about the rest of the world, using stereotypes isn't going to get you there.

maybe i didnt express myself correctly (english is not my language)

i dont think that us citizens are more idiotic in general than argentinians for example.

the problem is the power that those rednecks (using an stereotype) have and the consequences of that power.

moronic us citizens put bush in power and the whole world suffers the consequences. if argentinians vote an idiotic guy as president (as we usualy do)only ourselves suffer.

and thats a big difference. plus i would expect more from the most important country in the world as you have the resources to educate your people.

using a cartoon caracter cliche: great power requires great responsability, or something like that, hehe.

clinton understood that, bush doesnt, or does not care at all. i dont konw...


Yeah, if he ever got Alzheimer's, how could we tell?


Yeah, if he ever got Alzheimer's, how could we tell?


If Bush ever gets Alzheimer's, how will we know?

Adrian, your posts are spot on. Y su ingles esta mejor que mi espanol, claro.

I just wonder what goes on inside his head. "Now it's time to go of stage" "where to go?" "Should I wait and see where the others go?" "Hell no, I'm the decider!"

"Should I wait and see where the others go?" "Hell no, I'm the decider!"



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