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A Bone For The Agnostics

Poet Les Barker starts his own church for the wholly undecided. (tip to pedantsareus) What is an agnostic? Here is how we define it here at onegoodmove

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Nice bit of Monty Python there-

"Yes! We're all individuals!"

simple. Agnostics don't have a communal gathering because there's no central focus - more embracing of an individual's right to be creative.

"more embracing..."

doesn't agnostic mean there is no conceivable evidence either way, and therefore; no point in even discussing or investigating it.

Agnostics are "riding the fence"

Being agnostic about anything tells me nothing about a person.

One's agnosticism does affirm that the person does not believe in any supernatural being or force. That does communicate something about the person, although in a negation sense.

Regarding what an "agnostic church" would be, it's not immediately clear, yet I have a theory: just as religious churches can convey beliefs, attitudes, morality, behavior, and culture, an agnostic church presumably can do the same. Certainly the "beliefs" component is very brief, and that's what this particular audio clip communicates. However, the other matters are relevant, as demonstrated over here:

Attitudes, morality, behavior, and culture, these are matters that can be philosophically discussed, even without religion. Perhaps the beauty of agnosticism (or atheism) is that we all have the ability to discover these things on our own. Of course, there will typically be a great deal of subjectivity, but there is far more hope when people fight with opinion and researched data/facts than with opinion and religious "facts" that can't be proven or verified (by all means a non-starter).


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