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Dick Cheney, President

The Now Show's Mitch Benn with a ditty that is destined for the top 10.

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show



That was great. Could anyone make out the lyrics after “unconscious & content” at the end?

Mark Morford article (Which Norm linked to) was funny too. What evil was wrought while the President was supposedly under the knife? Was it a ruse to allow Cheney to do something so evil even Bush was unwilling to put his signature to it? Did I miss this discussion elsewhere? Any good links to paranoid conspiracy theories? One of your own?

Could anyone make out the lyrics after “unconscious & content” at the end

I couldn't make it out.

We chewed on his ? asked him ?... Dick Cheney was president... ??

Last few lines:

We chewed our nails warily As temporarily Cheney was president Dick Cheney was president

Good ear Jason. Thanks

Nobody has any conspiracy theories?

DUDE, haha this is so funny, and I actually found the place where cheney was president for those 2 or so hours here:

I guess its his home in Maryland.


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