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The Secret

Seriously funny

(tip to David)



Wow, that was amazing! It's like religion for those who don't want the commitment. Kinda sad to think of all the people who get scammed by such nonsense. Sorta like my prayer handkerchief from preacherman Don Stewart who told me if I rubbed it on stuff then God would fix it for me. Hasn't cured my hemorrhoids yet but I keep rubbing. (if you want some fun check out the testimonial videos on Don Stewart's site, they're brilliant).

That's worse than some religions. It gives people a very strong materialistic mindset in which they may start to covet other people's belongings. At least the bible teaches against that. Good clip though; very funny.

in which they may start to covet other people's belongings.

That reminds me of a very funny routine from George Carlin's "Ten Commandments" standup:

"Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's goods. This one's just plain fucking stupid. Coveting your neighbor's goods is what keeps the economy going. Alright? Your neighbor gets a vibrator that plays oh cum all ye faithful, you want to get one too. Coveting creates jobs, leave it alone."

Michael Shermer did a great shredding of this book for Scientific American.


Amazing. I've never even heard of this before...have I been in the dark or what?


wow, I mean really. When I first heard about the Secret I thought it would be more esoteric... like you can manifest love and peace and happiness in your life by focusing on it (which in my experience works really). By focusing on it, you intentionally take the steps you need to take in order for these things to come into your life (at least in societies where self actualization is possible).

But this idea that you can have anything you want is completely contrary to reality. It's materialism at its worst. Stuff doesn't make you happy. Just look at all the rich people in the world. Are they really that much happier than the rest of us?

I work at a bookstore and this book is still selling like crazy. You can blame Oprah for the recent surge.

Just so you know, we all snicker behind the backs of the idiots that are falling for the BS this book is selling. I want to slap every person who asks for it.

Oprah whored this book into the national spotlight. She changed her mind a bit when she got a letter about a woman who believed in "the secret" and gave up her cancer treatments.

Nobody died from reading Dawkins.

Sarah13 said it. My thoughts exactly.


dead on. I saw that bloody video, (burned copy), and the damn thing is popping up all over the place, costco was even selling it recently.

The theory is just like that skit described it, wishful thinking will get you what you want. Its really no different then the countless catholics who think they can get a parking spot if they pray to the saint of parking spaces (ya I made that up, but the vatican does have an extensive list of saints and what the prayers each one asnwers, I shit you not, google it)


Also, the so called "prosperity gospel" is a large trend in American Christianity. God wants his true believers to be wealthy and comfortable, ya know.

While this sort of silliness is more common among the new age idiots, the 'prosperity gospel' thing is a significant player in the Christian right of America.

Utterly unChristian but so are most evangelists. They have some pretty strange theological twistings to make the camel through the eye of a needle idea not apply to true believers.

Very funny video, thanks for posting it Norm.

What's the matter with all of you? Don't you know? These things ALWAYS work! For the writers...


Well, they don't ALWAYS work for the writers and publishers but in deed, no one else gets anything useful out of it.

I remeber that really horrible writer from Alabama, I think his name is Redford, he wrote the Celistine Prophecy (sp?)

He wrote it as a novel. A really bad novel. Couldn't get published. The he started claiming that the book was not fiction but a spiritual journey.

It was utterly empty and very poorly written but sold like mad for a while.

Or like Streiber, the UFO 'contact' guy who wrote Communion. That also started as a novel and when he couldn't get it published because it was so god awful, he started claiming that the story was a real description of alien contact and abduction. It was a major best seller for quite a while.

Absolute garbage and poorly written nonsense that suddenly become a best seller because of bogus claims of authenticity, made only by the writer. :)

Everybody wants personal power to some degree. Everybody wants to be 'special'. Magic is the religion of the powerless and the popularity of this garbage speaks not only to stupidy but also the helpless hopelessness felt by the many people that fall for this shite.

Variations on the theme of wishing and 'visualizing' your way to easy success have been around for a long, long time. Yep, only the writers and publishers benefit from these half brain ideas.

Personally, I no longer try to communicate with people who have this kind of crap in their heads. I just walk away, the instant it starts.

The best part about turning your back and walking away from such idiocy, without a word, is that particular time waster will never attempt to talk to you again. A big plus.

Irrational wish fullfillment schemes for empty headed egocentrics.

These cults of higher self indulgence are laughable but remarkably popular for a time. It usually wears down in a couple years or so. Then another one pops up as though it were a radically New idea.

Open your mind to any new theory before you critizise it. It's obvious most of you are just a 'laughtrack' without really knowing what you laugh at.

And it's not a religion. Bible thumpers should go back and read the New testament before quoting it.

I started to watch The Secret special on Oprah, but I could only sit through the first 10 or 15 minutes.

It seems "The Secret" to success (as Oprah's line-up of guests for that particular show, can attest to) is to abandon your dead end jobs and to start your own multi-millionaire, self-help, guru business.... an important point that seemed to be lost on The Big 'O', herself.

I wouldn't have minded as much if they had of attained their wealth by going back to university to become doctors, lawyers , whatever, get a business degree, or become multi millionaires by starting their own companies selling fridge magnets, t-shirts, etc.

But all those guests just read this book then started shrilling their own brand of snake-oil.

Wow, people are really grasping to get what they want without actually mucking about with working and saving money, huh? No suprise this book was a hit.

Ok, I'm done with the cynicism now...this sort of thing just brings it out in me.


Bill, there is absolutely nothing new about this scam idea, it has been around for a long time in various forms. But if you actually think it is new and can be described as a 'theory', then you are just the sort to fall for it. I wish you millions. :)

"The Secret" does work - the authors visualized selling the book, believed they would sell it and are now receiving the dividends of it selling. Another "get rich quick" book where the only getting rich is the author and company.


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