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Court Rebuffs F.C.C. on Fines for Indecency - New York Times

Fuck you all so very much, vindication for Eric Idle

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If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts.
The decision is more far reaching than I expected.



OMG! Can someone link that for mp3 download? (hopefully at 256kbs)

Fucking Awesome!


Can we have a link to the real story, not just the satire version?

The satire version has a link to the background story, but here it is as well:

The link to the 'real' story is under fuck you all very much.

If I understand, "In a dissent, Judge Pierre Leval said the FCC had given a "sensible, although not necessarily compelling, reason" for its new policy.

He noted that the FCC had concluded that the F-word "is of such graphic explicitness in inevitable reference to sexual activity that absence of repetition does not save it from violating the standard of decency.""

I guess it is all right to say "cunt" because that is not a reference to sexual activity. So go to tv/radio pundits.

See what the FCC-Fucking Crappy Cunts(sounds like a rock band name)-has to say then.


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