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Unintelligent Design

A clip from Flock of Dodos documentary as featured on Showtime

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Flock of Dodos



Flock of Dodos, uh? Cool, this looks like some very promising stuff, this...

I sort of knew about rabbits eating their turds (although as the clip says, these aren't exactly what we'd normally call turds, technically speaking) -- but only from what I've read up on, about the Bible saying rabbits chewing the cud.

I think the argument of what is beauty what is not is not valid. I find the digestive system beautiful in it's complexity and effectiveness. The most important argument against creationism is this: We don't know the answer, creationism creates an answer, science tries to figure out things. Science says "from what we can prove it seems that this is how it works". Creationism says "that's how it is because someone told me that's the way it is". I don't know if there is a good out there but I've never seen him so it seems there's is no good out there. It's just common sense.

good = god

I was thinking something else while I was writing.

I like the "unintelligent design" examples that Neil deGrasse Tyson gave at Beyond Belief 2006. (Yes, I watched the entire thing.) Some of them went something like this:

"Why are the reproductive organs positioned in the same place as the waste organs? This is synonymous with building a theme park in an urban sewage treatment plant. Where is the intelligent design in that?"

"Why do we drink and breathe through the same hole? This ensures that a number of us will choke on a liquid and die. Dolphins drink and breathe through different holes, and they are mammals, so why don't we?"

These are obviously paraphrased, and he gave another one or two examples, but I cannot remember them.

I like the "unintelligent design" examples that Neil deGrasse Tyson gave at Beyond Belief 2006.

Here's an excerpt to what you are talking about. Enjoy.

Yeah, that's them. Thanks, Erick.


Well, it would seem that if the rabbit eats it's own pellets before they go through the stomach, there has to be some fecies involved. It gotta' go somewhere.

I knew there was a good reason to not eat rabbit.


Thanks Erick-The 'stupid design' segment was one of my favourite parts of his talk.

send me an email if you want to see more.

that's good. the key to this argument is this (maybe it's stated elsewhere in the movie):

The way organisms work is not evidence for an intelligent designer, unless you assume that intelligent designer did something seriously stupid and then had to make up for the mistake. Of course, no "ID" proponent would want to admit that their god (or intelligence or whatever) was capable of making a stupid mistake. On the other hand, these "making up for mistake" examples are perfectly consistent with evolutionary theory, since evolution only can work with what it has on hand, with no foresight possible. In this way, the natural world is full of exquisite "solutions" out of corners that organisms find themselves historically backed into.

For example, why would god have decided to torture poor marine mammals and make them breathe at the surface? That's really bad design. Nevertheless,the solutions that cetaceans and other marine mammals have come up with to deal with the fact that history gave them a lung and not gills are absolutely beautiful.

...but these solutions in no way indicate a designer. just the opposite.


The fact that they eat stuff that comes out of their butts is only slightly outweighed by the fact that they are so keeeyUTE!!! xD

It was great to see that Neil deGrasse Tyson Beyond Belief clip! I loved it (I was out of the country for a few weeks and I guess I missed the original post).

You could run the gamut from burst fallopian cysts to impetigo; to syphillis; and rabies; and cancer and thyroid dysfunction to acne. Not to mention the other half a million infectious maladies from flesh eating bacteria to shingles.

it's called coprophagy. when I learned about this it made looks at the easter bunny, bugs bunny and cute pet bunnies completely different.

Coprophagy adj. Feasting on Jesus' flesh and blood.


I look at the hunk of coprolite and my desk and think. "It still sounds like shit eating to me."

Now i really want Elmer Fud to get dat wabbit. It kissed him on the lips once.


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